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By this time next week, we’ll be digging through the dirt, dust and sand of San Antonio, Texas for* the final NRA Tactical Police Competition*of the year. Once again scheduled for* the mighty Blackhawk Shooting Range*(just off of Jarratt Road,) the event kicks off next Saturday starting bright and early at eight in the morning.

“We’ve got six really good courses for that will challenge their firearm skills and abilities,” said Tactical Police Competition Manager Marc Lipp. “It’s going to be a fun day behind the trigger.”

Most of the Law Enforcement Competition staff flies out to San Antonio tomorrow. Why so early? There are stages to build, contracts to finalize and dozens of last minute details to tackle. But Marc and his staff are sure to have it all under control.

And yes, this is the last NRA Tactical Police Competition for 2011. But there will be plenty more in 2012. Because these events aren’t only about competition. Taking part in an NRA Tactical puts these officers through an intense, rigorous test of skills that’s hard to find anywhere else. And considering that you’re guaranteed to walk away with at least one prize … what better way could there be to spend your Saturday?

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