one too many

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    Nov 6, 2003
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    Mike had been at the bar all night drinking when the bartender told him that it was closing time. Mike stood up to leave only to fall flat on his face. No big deal he thought. I'll just crawl outside to get some fresh air, and maybe that will sober me up.
    Outside he tried to stand again, but once again landed on his face.
    "okay" he said to himself, I'll just have to crawl home.
    After he dragged himself home, he tried again to stand. Still he couldnt do it. "Holy S&*#" He slurred and dragged himself inside, up the stairs and into his bed,where he quickly passed out.
    The next morning he awoke to his wife standing over him.
    "So you were at Moes last night drinking again werent you?" She angrily asked.
    "Yeah" he said, "But how did you know?"
    "Moe called. You left your wheelchair there again."