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One semi rimfire rifle - 10/22 or MP15-22 or ??

  1. So I don't own a 22 rifle, know I should. I have 3 of those Ruger BX-25 mags I got as a gift some years back when I told my brother I was planning to buy myself a 10/22 for my birthday, but I changed my mind without telling him about it. Figured I'd get one eventually anyway. But the Smith 15-22 looks a little more practical for a range plinker, a little easier to deal with re: accessories, optics and such, since it's an AR clone, a little more adjustable, yada yada. On the flipside, the 10/22 can be customized infinitely and isn't as mall ninja, but every change is a nickel & dime job.

    I'm sure given the current situation someone would pay me fair value on those BX-25's, they've never been used, still in the pckgs., and nobody seems to have them in stock right now. So I'm not married to the 10/22 despite having those mags sitting around. Which one? Accuracy, reliability, trigger (assume using Ruger BX trigger)??
  2. My personal opinion. Both would work fine.

    Me though. I love the 10/22. Especially now with the takedown. Got mine in 2008. Ive only added a new buffer and a sling. Its no competition shooter, you see. But, it hits what Im aiming at and is a hoot to shoot. In total of 10k+ rounds using crap ammo, Ive only had a handful of issues.

    Depends on the style of gun you want. If youre into ARs and want a training tool, if you will, then MP 15-22 might be better suited. Cant go wrong with either.
  3. The 10/22 is on my must have list.

    The MP 15-22 is on my nice to have list.
  4. I have an MP5-A5 chambered in .22LR that is a ton of fun.

    But for a more general purpose rifle, one of the 10/22 takedown models looks pretty sweet.
  5. Ive had a 10 22 for decades. I bought the new heavy barrel target A few years ago. I bought the SW MP 15 22 A year ago. I have 20 mags for the smith. The smith gets used by my son a lot. The smith has impressed me, we load up all of the mags and shoot it, rinse and repeat. The accuracy of the smith is equal to the ruger. The smith is less picky with ammo, I’d recommend the smith.
  6. My choice would be the 10/22. Its light and simple. All kinds of parts and mods available (if you want to go that route). Its accurate enough and easy to learn and shoot. Reliable too. I've never had a problem with any I have owned.
  7. I own both and do not consider them even remotely close in regards to the role either fill in my firearms collection.

    I've owned my 10 22 for decades and is highly customized, the only parts remaining from the rifle I purchased over 25 years ago is the receiver, bolt and some of the receiver internals, it wears a heavy 22" barrel fitted in a Hogue over mold stock with a BX trigger, a Primary Arms 4x14 FFP Mil/Mil scope sits atop in leupold mount and rings. with the right ammo, there's not a squirrel with in 75 yards I can't head shot if it sits still for only a moment, whacking golf balls at 100 yard even with cheaper bulk ammo is a fun afternoon well spent.

    My S&W 15 22 is as stock as the day I picked it up save the buttstock and sling, tho a flat top, it wears standard sights front and back, rear sight elevation is used to dial in for ranges from 25 to 100 yards, ventilating soda cans out to 50 yards and 2 liter bottles out to 100 yard is not only fun but good practice for an AR 15 in 5.56, this is the rifle that I have new shooters fire first that are interested in the AR platform, all controls are identical to the AR platform and very similar to the AR platform for break down and cleaning.

    the more important question than which one is what do I want my 22 rifle to do? once you figure that out, you'll know which one to get.
  8. I asked the same question a couple years back after being pretty sold on the 10/22, but the members here convinced me to get the 15-22. They were right and I don't regret that purchase at all. It's lightweight, very easy to take down and clean, and the mags are the gold standard for 22 AR mags. Very cheap and plentiful too.
  9. Nothing at all against a 10-22, but for me, it's the 15-22. A modern day Nylon 66 with only three steel parts being the bbl, hammer and bolt. Sinfully easy to take down and clean thoroughly and is ultra reliable and accurate. Controls are the same as it's big brothers and can easily and quickly be used anywhere from open sight to advanced optics.
  10. Which .22 rifle?
    10/22 is the winner by a mile.

    Its been out there forever, parts and accessories are commonly available and it can go wild or mild depending on your taste. A Butler Creek folder, BX-25 mags, and a red dot sight will make it as "scary" to gun-haters as its possible to be, if that's what you want, yet with the wood stock and standard 10 banger it sails under their radar.

    The MP15-22 will always be a lookalike AR and thus on the enemies' ****-list by name no matter what features it has or doesn't have. So if you want a rifle that can do anything you want it to, yet be low profile so you don't have to worry about it getting banned any time soon go 10/22.

  11. I have a Ruger 10/22 and a Sig 522 SWAT. I shoot my Ruger a lot more.

    The Ruger can be customized to a high extent.

    Other than looking Tactical I don’t find the SWAT to have any significant advantage.

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  12. If you enjoy working on your rifle, upgrades or hand fitting and such the 1022 is for you.

  13. The Sig 522 has a reputation to reliably cycle just about any ammo without any modification.
  14. I'm a 10/22 guy, but the 15-22 would be my next choice. Both very capable guns.
    You can't really go wrong on this one.
  15. Every man should own a ruger 10/22 a glock 9mm and a mossberg 500 or Remington 870.
  16. 10-22 is cool, shot and worked on quiet a few, Lotsa’ options/ builds for the platform.
    Have a 15-22,great shooter, Red Dot equipped, love it for steel, and CQB shooting, even looks badassed.
    Also Love my Marlin 60 with glass, for me it too is a fun affordable shooter. Setup for bench long distance shooting.
    Might as well admit my lever Goldenboy looks the part, and puts a smile on my face when holding, shooting or just looking at...
  17. Handle them both, shoot if you can, then decide which fits your needs yourself. Only you can make the best decision unless you're looking for validation.
  18. I have both and like them equally. You really can’t go wrong with either.

    Is last round bolt hold open important to you? The 10/22 doesn’t have this feature but the TCR22 does. This rifle is basically a 10/22 clone and mags and parts interchange.

    Ive had mine for a few weeks and have been pretty pleased with it. Definitely like the LRBHO feature. IMHO it’s a better value than a standard 10/22.
  19. As an alternative, you may want to look at a Henry Lever action. I have an H001 base model and love to shoot it. It is accurate, holds about 14 rounds in the tube magazine and will eat any ammo.
  20. I have a 10/22 and find myself pining for the 15-22.

    I'm sure if I had the 15-22 I would still want the 10/22.
  21. true that.!
  22. I have a number of 10/22s, most of them pretty much stock except for a scope and sling. Does everything I need a 22 to do.
  23. I own both, the 10/22 is highly modified which is a plus for buying one of them. The 15-22 pretty much set up from the get-go. Have added a red dot, bi-pod and sling, waiting for a suppressor to get out of jail and I'm sure that will add to the joy of shooting the Smith.
  24. I'm of the opinion that the only thing the M&P does better, is act as a stand-in or trainer for moving up to a standard AR rifle. Mine works fine and does a great job in training new shooters for the eventual move to a centerfire AR. But I only have one S&W M&P .22.

    I have a different 10/22 for every day of the week.
  25. My opinion?


    More compact and transportable, possibly more customization, no “evil looking assault rifle” implications with concerned neighbors, when you’re backyard plinking etc..

    Here’s mine..

    It shoots as amazing as it looks...

    I shoot squirrels, rats and raccoons out of my fruit trees w/ CCI supressor ammo and my neighbors don’t even know I have the gun..

    10/22 Takedown, w/ Tacsol 12” shrouded barrel, Silencerco Sparrow Supressor and Magpul Backpacker Stock

    5EBC1CC7-6A02-4ADB-9989-73EBB0EF4E77.png 17A72872-5D55-4D0D-95B4-E8485B02203D.png 92E6F939-84E2-4939-8FDF-BBC89642C245.png BA37EA4D-0E38-4A0C-A3CE-34C8ABF76297.jpeg
  26. Hey Grabby! I might have mentioned this before, but how about you step away from the norm and build yourself a Ruger Charger pistol clone instead of becoming just another S&W 15-22 owner?

    You could start with the Ruger Charger itself as the basis, or you could buy a receiver from Tactical Innovations, Brownells, Kidd, Volquartsen, etc., to use as the foundation for your build. Since it's a pistol to begin with you can put any length barrel you choose on it at any time so it can serve multiple roles...a short barrel for close work, a longer barrel in combination with a pistol brace for reaching out there a bit, or anything inbetween.

    There are numerous barrel manufacturers out there who can afford you steel or stainless bull barrels, or aluminum types with steel liners, and lightweight alumimum/carbon fiber/tensioned steel. Not to mention OEM or billet aluminum trigger housings, competition bolts, trigger groups, extended magazine releases, billet stocks to accomodate braces, and more.

    Now by comparison, where are you going to find much of anything for the S&W 15-22? And when you do, what's it gonna' be, a new stock, handguard, trigger, or? How freakin' boring! At least with the Charger or Charger clone you have an almost endless list of ways to make it your own.

    I chose to start with a Brownells BRN-22R railed receiver, then added an OEM Ruger bolt assembly & pins, Ruger BX-25 trigger group, KIDD 6" threaded blued steel barrel, NoDak Spud NDS-22 front sight, UTG subcompact adjustable rear sight, and lastly a Troy Industries short grip. For the stock I found a used black polymer OEM Ruger Charger stock at a gunshow for $20 and shortened it's length and inletted it to accomodate the larger .920" diameter KIDD barrel and NoDak Spud "barrel band" type front sight. The latter took a little bit of tedious planning and work, but it's short and sweet, and there's not another one like it out there: 20200316_155522.jpg
    I built this firearm to be a different type of pistol suppressor host, and I had no intentions of making a multiple role firearm out of it, which is one reason why I went with the KIDD barrel; unlike the typical loose fitting Ruger Charger receiver/barrel arrangement, the KID barrel is fit to the receiver, usually set up with a very slight interference fit between the two, which required me to open up the Brownells receiver bore dimension until it was .001" smaller then the barrel tenon. So when it came time to assemble the two components a heat gun was required to expand the receiver bore to allow the barrel to be installed and it's extractor slot aligned correctly with the extractor of the bolt. Again, this required a bit of tedious work but it was worth it to virtually eliminate the "barrel droop" that can accompany a loose receiver/barrel fit on Ruger 10/22 firearms along with eliminating any eating of the extractor slot from it being out of alignment with the bolt's extractor during cycling.

    Receiver bore with finish removed and polished, ready for the interference fitting of the barrel:
    After the application of a little heat followed by the proper extractor slot alignment, and ahhhhhhhh...:
    So give building a Charger clone some consideration...you can spend as little or as much $$ as you want on it, and spend as much time and effort as you want in the planning and building stage, and you'll have the potential to have yourself something special and different. I think it'll be worth it over the S&W 15-22 rifle ;)
  27. Oh? Post up some images when you can, I'm interested in seeing them :D
  28. 10/22 just not the “take down”
  29. I thought I needed a 10/22. I bought one. It’s NIB never fired. Just shouldering, looking thru scope... I realized it wasn’t better then the old bolt action I’ve used for 40+ yrs.

  30. Gotta say that is badass. I have FWIW already watched this MAC video on YT more than once before ever starting this thread.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoC8Q40NVRY

    Yeah don't even get me started on the regret I have for walking away from a pristine early 50's Marlin 39a, complete with front sight shroud even, that was in our Cabela's for $439 when it first opened. Seemed like too much at the time. Doh.
  31. Yes!
  32. I chose the 1022 long ago. Nothing against the M&P, but i can walk into most any gun supply store, and lots of stuff on the shelves for the 1022. When was the last time you could walk into a store and buy a mag, even a barrel for the M&P AR style 22. There isnt anything the M&P will do any better than a 1022 will. Actually alot less options for the M&P, if you think about it. The 1022 is a clear winner in the 22 world. Everybody should own at least one 1022. But its your money, your choice. Do what you think makes it work best, for you.
  33. My local gun stores have the mags. Dicks Sporting Goods even sold them when they had gun stuff.
  34. As others have said, depends on what you want to do with the rifle. For bone stock, out of the box shooting, I'll go with the M&P 15-22. The sights are better. I've added Tech Sights to my 10/22 to get click repeatable type sights. If you want an AR trainer, the nod goes to the S&W, although I prefer my CMMG Quebec A rifle for a .22 lr trainer, as the weight is the same. If you want to go to Appleseed, the 10/22 gets the nod as the M&P was banned.

    If I was going to limit myself to just one and pick from those two, I would probably go with the M&P. I'm not one that modifies my guns much and the M&P is ready to go out of the box. Add a sling and a red dot or other optic of your choosing, and call it good. I had to add sling mounts to my 10/22 to add the sling as well as Tech Sites to get the 10/22 to equal the M&P out of the box.

    Just to throw a curve ball here, one of my favorite .22lr is my Ruger American .22 lr. It is a bolt action, but it will take those Ruger magazines you already have. Mine is pretty accurate by my standards. I can typically keep 9 out of 10 rounds inside a 1" square at 50 yards using bulk ammo. There are rifles that are more accurate, but not at that price point and that use my 10/22 magazines.
  35. You won't find a barrel, but magazines should not be an issue. And if they carry AR accessories, you can change just about everything else out to your liking.
  36. Shot a lot of 10/22, customized them, and detail stripped 'em. Less than impressed with them. But hey, they are cheap... until you've added up all the aftermarket spent on them.
  37. I'd have to get the S&W. Friend has one. It shoots very well. Might cost a little more, but it is just plain cool.
  38. You`re lucky, stores here within a 50 mile radius carry nothing for the M&P. I`ve only seen a M&P22 once in the last few years here, and thats only because somebody ordered it at the LGS and then backed out of the deal and it was sitting there for quite awhile. I guess they just arent that popular where i live. I`ve read good reviews on them, dunno what the deal is here. I wouldnt mind trying one out, i think they are pretty kool!
  39. Couldnt tell ya. Pretty rare bird in my area. As i commented to BC, i wouldnt mind shootin one just to see what its like.
  40. Sounds like LGS is the problem. Cabela’s, Bass Pro, Academy... all the big box stores that carry the rifle carry the magazines, as do all the mail order places.
  41. I’m in the same boat as above. If I had to chose it would be the 10/22. Only because of familiarity and maybe nostalgia. I got my first one in 1979. But the M&P is a dang good rimfire for most uses. Mine has eaten everything I’ve put through it clean or dirty. The only thing I don’t like about it is the factory stock is really short.
  42. I have zero interest in owning a AR15 22lr .

    I learned to shoot a rifle when I was a kid with a rem 511P bolt action . Pretty down good all around rifle I would shoot more If my eyes were good enough to see the standard receiver sight and added glob front sight well and used it to teach our girls with and now grand kids . Good old rifle .

    We have 2 - 10/22's built as very different customs , one lite short and accurate one heavily long and very accurate but prices vary . I would have NO interest in a bone stock 10/22 regardless of model 22lr , rather buy a marlin 60 . BUT as a custom the 10/22 is to choice and a quick way to spend some bucks !!

    But the rifle I apt to reach for first when something needs to be dispatched is a Savage BV that I tuned the stock trigger to a 15oz to 1lb 2oz break weight and it wears 6-24 x44mm tmd scope . This was an easy rifle to shoot well with a number of ammo labels and would still be a top choice for a 22lr .
  43. That is a good idea. Glad I thought of it. ;)


    Mine is made from a Brownells' BRN22 receiver with a cut down 10/22 stock, 10" barrel and folding pistol brace. I pretty much had everything from an old, cheap 10/22 but the receiver and folding mechanism.
  44. 10/22 gets my vote. I have the basic carbine my dad bought in the mid 80s. still accurate and fun as ever. Just a week or two ago I took possession of a Ruger custom shop 10/22. Light colored laminated stock not the textured gray one. It is a beautiful little rifle and punches holes that all touch. I don't know squat about customizing 10/22s but from what others say Ruger did a great job with the custom shop model and sell it at a decent value.
  45. Oh you so funnyyyyyyyyyyyyy (insert: image of young Asian girl holding a hand over her face as she giggles)!!

    Mac I remember you posting about your above build both here and over at RimfireCentral, which along with a few other examples/images that I'd come across on the 'net all collectively contributed to my final build, thanks :D
  46. They aren't very exotic, certainly nothing like some of the wild/cool/accurate/expensive 10/22s I've seen here and elsewhere. I generally just change the stock and/or barrel, fix the trigger pull (VQ hammer or equiv), add some do-dads here and there, and mount an appropriate optic for the intended use. 2 are take-downs, each of them usually ride in one of the vehicles all winter, JIC.

    I'll see what I can do about getting a group shot together.
    But I warn you, it will be fairly underwhelming.
  47. Find friends that own them and try both.

    Only you know what is right for you.

    Personally I have not gotten the 10/22 out of the safe since I bought a 15-22. But, you and I could see it differently.
  48. Truth be told DJ, I'm not at all fond of the "exotic" 10/22 rifles, especially the ones with odd mixtures of anodized parts and alien looking laminated stocks in colors that don't go well together at all! What I do get a kick out of are the folks who buy parts for their build piecemeal, adding images on discussion forums of the process as the individual parts are collected, and then when it's "finished" they of course include their lo-o-o-o-ng laundry I mean build list right down to the last spring (instead of just typing "Volquartsen Competition Kit" they post each individual part of the kit) to make their creation stand out and appear as if they've got "...so much into it" and to have it come off more impressive than the next swingin' Richard's blown out 10/22 clone posted on the same discussion board a week earlier.

    It wouldn't bore me in the least if all your 10/22's were plain Jane...I myself generally like to adhere to the K.I.S.S. principle, having no particular purposes for my firearms other than having them provide proper function, reliability, and accuracy; flashy colors and other accoutrements are for those more concerned with image than anything else, so please don't worry about me finding your 10/22's fairly "underwhelming"...I assure you I won't :D
  49. That's darn good advice, if it can be arranged, along with answering the "what are you intending to DO with it?" question.

    And my M&P 15-22 has been gathering dust for a while now, although in all fairness, that also is related to my getting a pistol-caliber AR that I could shoot on the indoor pistol range. Previously, the .22 AR was the primary cheap-and-convenient practice/trainer. Now the 9mm AR has taken over that role for me, with the advantage of it having very similar recoil characteristics.

    The M&P 15-22 still serves well as a trainer for brand-new-to-ARs-or-guns shooters, though.
  50. Tried both and bought the M&P 15-22. Just enjoyed shooting it more.
    Now if I wanted a takedown in 22, it would have been the Ruger.