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One Reason Why I like a Glock

  1. For the past 8 years I've been carrying a G17 as a primary duty pistol.

    Off and on I would qualify (day and night) with my HK P7M8, but I usually just tote my G17 around and I never really had a P7M8 holster that worked well for me.
    Recently that changed. I bought a Blade-Tech holster as well as a Don Hume J.I.T. Slide 25 and qualified with the P7M8. All is well with world.

    I love my P7M8...............until I had to clean it. For the love of God they sure are complicated!!!

    There's something to be said about simplicity. Glock pistols sure are simple to operate AND clean. To me that's a HUGE bonus, and one that many folks don't often mention. I know I've taken their simplicity for granted, but I'm half tempted to pick up a G26 as my off duty pistol and keep the P7M8 in the safe.

  2. Yes they are a very simple design all around.
    Plenty of aftermarket support along with Factory.
  3. Agreed. I've had brief affairs with other pistols but the lack of role pins and the fact that I know how to completely break it down and rebuild it in minutes is a huge win
  4. Since simplicity of the design was mentioned, I am going to say another reason I like Glock pistols is their durability. Not much maintenance is required and they keep running through thick and thin. I like to stress test my guns and the Glock platform keeps on performing with whatever I throw at them.

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  5. One reason I have a Glock.



    With only one hand, this gives me a replacement (G36) for my Colt Officers, which I cannot rack with any style.

    A Zev trigger for a short stroke made it steady enough to hit something with it.

    I'm better with my G41.

    Still the long factory Glock trigger stroke, but at least it's a smooth trigger face (after filing down the safety a little bit).

    If I can get the muzzle a little heavier, maybe with a tungsten rod and/or an extended barrel, it will be my 45 Super (on a heavier spring) hog gun for the piney woods down south.

  6. Glocks are simple and have less than any other pistol of quality that I know of. Lots of parts, eat anything and pretty accurate.
    They just do not fit everyone.
  7. As far as easy to clean, my Springfield XDM is almost on par with my Glocks, but I still prefer shooting and carrying the Glocks.

    Shoot on and be safe
  8. Not the easiest pistol to take apart, but it's up there.
  9. One of my main dislikes of 1911's is how much of a pain it is to disassemble and reassemble. I like some of my Rugers but without some type of tool to push out the locking pin I cannot easily take them apart. But it you really want simplicity, you can always get a revolver with no disasembly required at all.
  10. Hmm, I find 1911s pretty simple, compared to many. Of course not as simple as the Glock, but another design that (mostly) doesn't make use of roll pins.
  11. Many years ago I treated myself to a new Kimber, spending by far more than I had ever spent on a handgun. It was a beautiful looking gun, felt great in my hand, and was very accurate. But in addition to having constant FTE and FTF despite two trips back to the factory, I hated to have to take apart and reassemble that gun. I found myself gravitating to revolvers more and more.
  12. My introduction was a replacement for a Ruger Sp101. The accuracy and weight along with affordable price tag filled a need that had not been accomplished. Durability of product with simplistic upkeep allow many to participate in ownership and use.
  13. 1911's aren't bad at all, and are easy to detail strip once you've done it a few times. 1911's that have parts that do not fit well can be a pain. Anyone wanting super easy on disassembly should get a Sig, Beretta....or a Taurus Beretta clone.

  14. If you're using a stubby guide rod a 1911 really isn't any hard to disassemble than a Sig or Glock.

    To the OP: For a quick field strip, I think the Sig requires less effort, but a detail strip, hands down the Glock rules for this.
  15. Did yours have that dreaded Schwartz firing pin safety? That adds some complexity. Unfortunately, Kimbers can be real hit or miss on reliability.
  16. I like Glocks because I dropped my G30 on my naked toe and neither broke.
  17. My G17 Gen 4 is my first Glock. Unless this gun that I just brought home proves to be the exception, I am assuming that it will be as reliable as can ever be expected for any semi-auto. Reliability is of the utmost importance to me, more than precise accuracy, certainly more than looks or comfort. A gun that can't be counted on to go "bang" when the trigger is pulled is not a gun that I want to own. For years I was strictly a revolver guy. I truly believe that with quality ammo I could leave untouched one of my S&W revolvers for literally decades and have no concern that it would not work as intended when I ultimately pulled the trigger. My earlier experiences with semi-autos were that while some were relatively reliable, they would have a problem just often enough to make me not want to rely on one for self defense. To some degree I overcame that concern with a few of my Ruger semi-autos. My daily carry, a LC9s has never had a single problem, as long as I stick to quality ammo. Probably about 1,000 rounds so far and not a concern. I like the Glock because I expect to have the same confidence for this home defense gun. I might even end up with a second smaller Glock to be my carry gun, but for now I am very comfortable with the 7+1 Ruger that I carry.
  18. The design is not only simple, but also what I would call open. By that I mean that you really don't have to go past the simple field strip to access everything for reasonable cleaning. You can get at everything pretty well with patches and Q-tips. Not all pistol designs give you as much access even after a field strip.

    I have other pistols that are more handsome and have other features that I enjoy, but none that are more reliable or, in my hands at least, more accurate by a significant margin, than my Glock.
  19. My P7M8s have gone up in value so much, I don't want to shoot them anymore.
  20. You guys still clean your Glocks? : ) Glocks are great because you don't need to clean them.
  21. I go the other way. I love mechanical stuff, and love to clean my 1911's largely due to the fact that there are more parts to disassemble, clean, reassemble.

    My Glocks get cleaned less thoroughly since they are just so... boring to clean.
  22. I would at least clean the barrel and slide as some powders and primers are quite corrosive.

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  23. NOTHING but Glock...