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One of first 1000 G19’s imported, carry or collect?

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So I called Glock today and had an interesting chat. Turns out my newly acquired Gen 2 G19 was among the earliest batch imported. There may be a few alphabetically before my SN of DP, but DP were the first Gen 2 G19’s to cross the ocean. May of 88 test fire date code. Unfortunately some knucklehead brought it to Glock for a full parts upgrade, and it does not have a box. Also the finish looks very ‘worn’. I will likely hang onto this one. Am I farting on the Mona Lisa to put it in my carry rotation, or is it pretty will stripped of added value with its silver internals and no box? BTW, obviously same Glock I paid $450 for mentioned in prior thread.

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I wouldn't own anything I wouldn't use as intended, but I am not a collector.
The way I see it is a guns, a cars....... not using them so the value will not be affected is like not sleeping with your wife/girlfriend so the next guy can.
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