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On this day in 1985

  1. Frank Zappa testified.

  2. Too bad he didn't think about the 2nd Amendment like he thought of the 1st.

    Zappa (The Clown) was a long-time advocate of government forced civilian disarmament.

    A POS hypocrite.
  3. GT, you never fail to disappoint. No matter what anyone posts, there's always someone here waiting to cut it right down. Good job, buddy!

    Zappa might not have been a gun guy, but he was still right. In the clip he was fighting with the same swamp rats that still infest our .gov and he beat the crap out of them.
  4. And now it's all moot because kids aren't buying physical tapes, records or discs anyway. They're streaming or downloading their music and lapping up all the obscenity and vulgarity the music industry has to offer.

    If anything, the parental warning labels now only serve to show kids which recordings are "legit".
  5. Well.....after all, this IS a pro-2nd Amendment message board.

    Nothing personal.

  6. If we had a "dislike" button I'd be using it right now.

    I'd be very interested in your sources for that statement. I'm not aware of Frank Zappa ever advocating for gun control. In fact I'm not aware of Frank Zappa getting especially political ever, except for defense of free speech.

    If you have examples of this "long-time advocacy" of forced civilian disarmament, please cite them.

  7. I don't know of any anti gun Zappa stuff, but I do know he used guns in his songs. Like when he shot the devil in titties and beer.

    I really think it's just how GT is now. You post something, and someone has to take a dump on it. Let's cancel culture Frank Zappa! I demand his statues be torn down!
  8. I seem to recall that after testifying before the senate, Zappa only released instrumental albums without lyrics, but still had to have a parental advisory sticker on the covers.
  9. If i remember right, it was Al Gore`s old bag of a wife that started that parental advisory BS.
    Now the kids just look for that PA label, they dont care who it is as long as its about violence.
  10. I don't know about whether his instrumental-only releases got the label, I can't recall and it would have gone in the trash with the cellophane wrapper if any I bought had it. He was pretty much over the hill as a rock musician by that time and he knew it, which is why his composition style was changing dramatically in the 80's. But he was releasing plenty of stuff with lyrics in the mid-80's. His "Rykodisc" label of CD's (which was a new format then) were coming out then so a lot of re-releases of old material and archive stuff including the "You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore" series. Also the "Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" album from the 1988 tour, of which I attended two shows.

    If Frank Zappa had grown up in Italy 300 years ago I have no doubt we'd still know his name as a composer of music. Brilliant musical mind.

    Zappa certainly wasn't a "gun guy." He may have even been not a fan of guns at all. (Hard to say. Grand Funk Railroad's Mark Farner has an interesting story about teaching Zappa to shoot his .44mag, but I'm a little suspicious of his claim that Frank became a lifetime NRA member lol. "Joining" was not Frank's style.) But I'm not aware of him ever using his status as a celebrity to take on the topic in his music or even interviews.
  11. Watch out where the Huskies go...
  12. John Denver and Dee Snider testified also. They all crushed it!
  13. Yup, ol' Tipper Gore was a Karen before Karens were a thing....