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    Click on- 2016 Presidential VoteMatch Quiz

    I found this poll interesting in that it splits the Social Issues and Economic Issues in the results. It combines them to show which candidate you most align with in general but when you scroll down and actually look at the Economic or Social issues, you can see which candidates you most align with in those categories.

    I had my mother do it because she was of the opinion that she liked Bernie Sanders(ahhhhhh!) but when I started talking about his Economic issue beliefs she did not appear to align with him as much as she thought. Once she took the quiz, it was clear that she was not in agreement with him on Economic Issues but rather just on Social Issues. Her closest candidate overall was Rand Paul.

    What this helps confirm, to me, is my suspicion that many people are voting in the National Election on Social issues and not on Economic issues.

    Anyhow, I thought people might like to see where they match up and by what margin in those two categories.

    Oh, and I'm apparently a Rand Paul man too. Though I think he's a bit of a wing nut. Rubio and Carson were a close second and third.
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    Voters in both parties know they'll be taken care of economically, the government has never gotten smaller under either party.

    Therefore it's the social issues which will slice and dice the electorate into two pieces one of which will win.

    I'll take the quiz when I get home.
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