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Older home for sale in Lexington KY

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by lm921, Jan 11, 2006.

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    Apr 20, 2004
    KY, Home of the BlueGrass Glockers
    I am buying a new house and this one has to go!
    This is an old frame house that has lots of life in it.
    1400 sf
    4 br
    2 full baths

    A list of features are…
    The Lot size 250 deep X 60 wide. (The survey will decide the final size but this is with in a few feet.
    New as of 2005:
    (1) 1, 40 gallon gas hot water heater. (July 2005)
    (2) Under Ground High speed cable access.
    (3) Rear porch (wood deck) with small pond mounted on the deck.

    New as of 2004:
    12X12 work shop/storage building with electric. (mounted on concrete blocks).

    New as of 2003:
    (added second bathroom)
    Drop in whorl pool bath tub with wood deck.
    New toilet.
    New pedestal sink.

    New as of 2002:
    Lament flooring in kitchen, utility room and large bath room.

    New as of 1999:
    (1)1, York (diamond 90) 91 % efficiency gas furnace (down flow).
    (2) Rubber roofing on the front and rear of the roof.
    (3) Front porch with side walk and rear porch.

    New as of 1996/1997:
    (1) Interior walls including Drywall, Ceilings and R11 rolled insulation.
    (2) Under Ground 200 amp electrical services and new wiring through out the house.
    (3) Single hung, double paine, flip out windows (brand name Wesco).
    (4) Smoke alarms in every bed room, hall way and living room (A/C type with battery back up)
    (5) Birch kitchen cabinets.
    (6) Bow-Window in kitchen.
    (7) Vinyl siding. (we left the old wood siding to add to the insulation of the home).
    (8) Gutters.
    (9) Carpet and vinyl flooring through out the house.

    New as of 1993/1994
    New Roof with 20 year shingles.
    Asking 89,000.00