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  1. I believe most people take them out to the Mojave Desert. They then shoot them up leave them there.
  2. I have a Sony 42" tabletop LED projector I had to retire due to it being 14" deep, but it works great, so I don't want to toss it. It has a good digital tuner. Anybody in SW PA want it for camp?
    EDIT, LCD projector.
  3. They make interesting targets for belted magnums on a rifle range. 7mm rem mag on an old glass crt is very telling after seeing a 7.62 russian.
  4. I hear you can dump unwanted junk in the woods behind a neighbor's house...
  5. I bet he will be shocked at what he finds
  6. You have to be kidding, you got $150 for an old tv? Had to be an interesting story behind it?

    I couldnt get down to a black friday sale at walmart back in 2007 to throw $800 at an lcd tv. Look at what you can get now for $800..
  7. You can make a good amplifier using sweep tubes!
  8. Hey Fullclip
    Can I dump it in the lake up your way?
  9. It's yours...come pick it up...there is also a smaller Magnavox
  10. This. Or Facebook Markerplace. People collect/still use the vacuum tubes. Don’t they contain mercury?
  11. Throw them in your bonfire, likely listed for 99 cents at the local Goodwill.
  12. We've got two at work. Emptied Wednesday mornings.

    The only time there's been a problem with staff discreetly putting stuff in them was when the boss found a whole heap of broken concrete in there.

    My friend Mike told me later the noise of all those lumps of concrete going into the metal bin was "rather loud". Especially at 5.00am.
  13. Someone put one on the curb down the street from me. Wife wants it but I have no intention of getting it.
  14. You can do what NASA did when things are too big or too expensive to move or tear down:

  15. It was a 60" Sony LCD from 2004. Worked fine. Probably weighed 150-200lbs.

    I just put it up on marketplace and was patient.
  16. We had a Toshiba "36 tube TV. Cube shaped with NO handles. It was in perfect working order. TV and remote. 106 lbs of awkward moving. I tried getting rid of it for years. Had some remodeling done on the house and told the guys that wanted an old refrigerator I had. You can have the fridge, but must take TV with. They almost left them both!!! They reluctantly took them.

  17. not useless and you can sell them.

    look for a retro video game shop in your area. they will take them. i bought a 27 inch boob tube off FB a couple of years ago and have a 30 year old NES hooked to it.

    the old tvs have the correct aspect ratio for the old games AND they work with the light guns.