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  1. What do you do with these old HUGE HEAVY TV's,
    Remember the Zenith 200 # old ones?
    They're useless and no charity will take them (can't say I blame them, they certanily can't sell it)
  2. Shoot em!!
  3. We always had a Zenith tv, a big console model; they were, at the time, the high end television on the market, and a major purchase.
  4. I lucked out and managed to sell one for about $150 recently. Try facebook marketplace.

    Usually you have to pay someone to come get them these days.
  5. I thought of doing that, but I don't think the neighbors would like it...:noevil:
  6. You might want to move it out of the living room first.

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  7. Trashola
  8. If it has a FANTASTIC cabinet you might be able to sell it. People like the cabinet or just the old, seasoned wood. I’ve repurposed or salved wood from several old TV and stereo cabinets.
  9. Fish aquariam

  10. Friend of mine acros the street put his old (and barely working) fridge at the curb and put a sign FREE -- one week went by and there stood the fridge. Changed the sign to read $40.00 -- somebody stole it that night.:dancingbanana:
  11. smithsonian1_jdo.jpg
  12. Tannerite.
  13. I'd list it on craigslist as free to good home, come and get it. Just to get rid of it.
  14. Our landfill will take any object with a screen for $15. In the case of most tube TVs you cannot even give those things away.
  15. If it's a console, make a pet den out of it.

  16. Our last TV before flat screen was a huge Sony, 30-32” as I recall. At the time it was a premium TV, two tuners, wireless headset, etc, etc. I gave it to a friend as a garage TV 10 or 12 years ago. It’s still going strong on a high shelf in his garage.
  17. When my uncle died he left a lot of furniture no one wanted. His house was right behind one of our businesses. My mom had us put it all out in the parking lot with big signs saying FREE. Only a couple things got taken.

    The next day we put prices on everything and it all vanished in the night.
  18. Our town has electronic recycling every few months. Check around.

  19. That's excellent. I still have a 27" Sony CRT in the basement for old video games but it's a Trinitron, not a 70's console or I'd probably just go ahead and do that. Wifey wants it gone, but she'd probably agree to this idea.
  20. Our county land field takes them and any electronics. I had one that was my FILs. Yes, they are heavy. I could barely get it out of the truck. It had a beautiful picture still, but we have light weight flat screens now.
  21. Crazy this came up today.... I just took a Sony Triniton 33" diagonal out of my basement today ...heavy as hell and son in law had to help me roll it end over end up the stairs. I didn't weight near that much 15 years ago when we took it downstairs. I had to take it to a recycle center and had to pay them $40 to take it.......
  22. BEST BUY will recycle it for you - for a fee.

    But then they turn right around and give you a coupon.

    The coupon has no expiration date and it has a value equal to the recycle fee.

    Apparently there is some reason that they have to charge a fee?

    But it evens out in the end - as long as they have something that you want to buy someday?
  23. About 10 years ago (maybe 15) - I managed to get our 36" GIANT FAT HEAVY old TV onto my wheeled dolly and out to the curb just before trash pick up came by -

    The truck stopped and grabbed the trash bags - but left the TV - I couldn't even throw it away!

    My neighbor comes over and ask if it still worked - I said yes - but we got a flat screen -

    He said he was going up to his deer hunting cabin and wanted a TV up there to catch the news - but was afraid if he put a nice new one up there someone would steal it.

    I helped him load it into his truck - it took both of us to lift it.

    He said the picture was pretty good - even though he was using an antenna (no cable) and he was 100% sure nobody would even bother stealing it.
  24. My uncle pulled the dead guts out of one and installed a smaller portable tv into the cabinet.
    I do like the aquarium idea.
  25. I would sure like the vacuum tubes out of it. I have a tube tester, and can use the good ones.
  26. I’m sure a lot of people don’t use the coupon, even of they thought they would. It’s likely just a marketing strategy to entice people into using their recycling service. Would love to be proven wrong.
  27. Aunt had one of the original projection TV's way back in the day. When it eventually crapped the bed we used the cabinet for a lizard cage for a while. The best part was there is some sort of magnifying lens in the thing...I think they called it a Fresnel lens...way cool. You could take that bad boy outside on a sunny day and focus the light into a tight beam. Burnt the paint off the hood on a 66 Olds in less than 10 seconds.

    When the wife saw that she made me get rid of it. Didn't trust me or the boys left alone with this thing. lol
  28. Yes, Tannerite could have prevented this!
  29. with a capital "C" !
  30. That needs to go in the Bug Out Bag for when giant ants attack! They'll be in for a surprise!
  31. That is a great idea.
  32. I had forgotten about those. We had one for a long time. The picture got bad so we bought a new TV and gave the projection TV to a friend. He opened it up and dusted off the three projectors and the picture was as good as new.
  33. put it out to the curb, 2 maybe 3 days before trash pick up.

    the scavengers will tear it open and clean out the metals, making it much lighter for the trash workers to pick it up and toss it. or you can then take it back inside, paint it, put a flower vase on top of it and tell the Mrs, she has a new coffee table.
  34. Can the old sets even receive the new digitized signals transmitted?
  35. Yes, with a digital adapter. But then they are limited just to stations transmitting in the area.

    I’ve seen pictures of sets with flat screen TVs replacing the CRT. They are the thing for the Rockabilly enthusiasts.
  36. You need a box to covert the signal
  37. If it's a Sony WEGA and still works, keep it, or you can sell it for a little $.

    Anything else is trash, GL getting rid of it.
  38. Years ago I was getting a new flat panel and wanted to throw my 32" tube type. As the OP said, nobody would take it. I slid it off of the stand and onto a dolly. I wheeled it out to the deck and onto the bed of my truck. My local land fill satellite site has a metal shipping container for all electronics. Bye bye boat anchor.
  39. A Sony? Trade it in for a chick with a Bravia and not too jacked up teeths.
  40. Find some kid in your neighborhood who likes to fiddle around with old electronics. This way when he's taking it apart with a screwdriver he'll learn what a capacitor does ;)
  41. I shot an old crt once with 12 guage slugs. They went right through, no massive implosion. I was disappointed. Yeah if you have an old cabinet tv, give it another 10 years it will be worth money. We had an old rca growing up. It resisted having a 6 meter transmitter in the house. The new plastic one, even with filtering, used to go black screen when I keyed up
  42. For bulk items I want to get rid of, I usually just find an open dumpster at night...
  43. You mean "the cobra"??
    Tried to google image, no luck.
  44. I scrap the copper out of em and take the shell to the hazardous waste dropoff.
  45. We took ours to the local landfill. No charge as long as you live in the same county as the landfill.
  46. I have mentioned this before. About 1975 I went to visit my parents. In the living room was a portable TV, picture but no sound. Another portable TV, sound but no picture.

    They were both sitting on a big wood cabinet floor model that did not work at all. My father made a lot of money, but grew up in the Depression, and was, shall we say, frugal.

    As I am.
  47. My old Sony weighed a lot, so I had to pay my lawn care guys to carry it out of the house and haul it to a recycling center for electronics. It cost me about $50 to eliminate that old (but still working) dinosaur.

    The new flat screen TVs are remarkably light and space efficient. I love ‘em.
  48. Heh. For years I never operated six meters because I lived in cities with TV stations on Channel 2. The real fun back then was the old TVs with 21 MHz ifs. 15 meters really ate their lunch!