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    A man was jogging in the park. He came across a 98 year old man
    sitting on a park bench weeping.
    The jogger stopped to ask if he was O.K.
    The old man said "Life couldn't be better. I'm living with a 19 year
    old nymphomaniac!
    In the morning when I wake up we have sex. Then she brings me
    breakfast in bed.
    After breakfast we have sex again and I have my mid morning nap.
    We eat out for lunch at a nice restaurant and then it's back to bed
    for 'afters'.
    I spend the afternoon watching sports or old movies before she cooks
    dinner for me .. did I mention she is a gourmet chef?
    After dinner we have sex again and I collapse exhausted and ready for
    a restful night's sleep."
    Surprised, the jogger said "That's my idea of bliss! Why in the world
    are you so upset?"
    Through his tears, the old man said "I can't remember where I live!"