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    There was an old couple that went to see the doctor because they were both very forgetful, after examaning the old couple he doctor told them he couldn't do anything except to suggest they write things down on paper so they don't forget.When the old couple got home the old man asked the old woman to go in the kitchen and cook him something to eat because he was hungry. The old woman asked "What would you like?" The old man said "I'd like a steak medium well, a baked potatoe, green beans and a dinner roll."then added"You better write it down like the doctor said so you don't forget!"The old woman said "I won't forget" and went into the kitchen to prepare his meal and after 20 minutes in the kitchen she returned with 2 eggs over easy, sausage and hashbrowns.The old man looked at her in disgust and said "SEE, I told you to write it down so you wouldn't forget!"The old woman asked "What did I forget?"The old man yelled at her"YOU FORGOT THE TOAST"