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Old .357 SIG load, now available.

Discussion in 'TOP GUNS *357 Sig* Club' started by clarkstoncz, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. clarkstoncz


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    Sep 28, 2006
    The Double Tap Ammo company's 115 gr. .357 SIG Gold Dot was last offered in 2009.

    It's now available as the identical Bonded Defense JHP
    that uses the Gold Dot bullet.


    A bit lighter than the firm's 125 gr. Bonded Defense
    load. TAP 357 SIG/dt125-1.jpg

    This load has an advertised velocity of:

    1550fps / 614 ft. lbs. 4"bbl

    With these numbers for other barrel lengths:

    3.5" barrel - 1494fps
    4.5" barrel - 1612fps


    It should be a real screamer if it is as hot as the
    NOSLER 115 grain load at:
    1550fps / 614 ft. lbs. 4"bbl
    3.5" barrel - 1494fps
    4.5" barrel - 1612fps

    That load exhibits some muzzle flash, but a lot of bang.
    Noticeably- faster than the 125s and 147s/

    Note, that like Nosler load, the once again available DT 115 gr.
    uses a flash supressed powder for virtually no muzzle flash
    as well.
    Both should remain the fastest in the DT .357 SIG line,
    except for the DT 80 gr. Barnes TAC-XP:

    1725fps / 529 ft. lbs. 4.25"

    3.5" barrel - 1600fps
    4.5" barrel - 1755fps

    ( the load I carry in my RAMI P)

    And have some appeal to those looking for truly smoking hot
    .357 SIG ammo.

    For more info:

    115 gr. Bonded Defense JHP:

    115 gr. NOSLER JHP:

    80 gr. TAC-XP:

    125 gr. 38+P Bonded Defense:

    (All of these numbers are advertised, and your actual chrono results
    will probably vary).

    Thanks for looking, I hope to get out and shot some of this 115 grain fodder.