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Ok so laptops now

  1. My wife has decided that we need to get 2 laptops for the kids vs chromebooks.

    What are good brands?

    What gig of RAM is good?

    What size HD?

    Mostly going for something reliable and easy but not gigantic so we can't take it on trips. It also doesn't have to be something you can throw in a book bag. For kids 8 and 6.
  2. MacBook Air for the win.
  3. Umm...no....only lefties like apple products...
  4. For Windows, I'd go with HP or Asus. Both have served me well over the years.
  5. Well I’m as right leaning as I can be sitting here typing this on my IPad Pro, looking at my big IMac on my desk while checking the temp on my Apple Watch, looking at a message on my IPhone XS Max while listening to some tunes through my Apple AirPods.
  6. The Dell XPS line is about as good as any laptop can get without going to a full-blown gaming laptop.

    Currently, you can pick from a 13-inch, 15-inch, or 17-inch screen size that is "infinity-edge", meaning no bezels. The keyboards are crisp, the trackpads are some of the best on any laptop of any type or price point, the battery life is one of the longest in the industry, and they are quite durable. The screen on the current models hits around 500-nits of peak brightness and is gorgeous; I believe it is one of the best looking out there.

    While the product is under warranty, Dell will send someone to your house to do repairs if needed, so you will not have to deal with the hassle of shipping it out. If you want to keep a longer warranty, you can do a monthly subscription instead of having to buy one up front. Dell will also let you renew your warranty coverage even after it has expired.

    While I used to be a fan of the MacBooks and I have owned 2 of them as well, they are not made as well as they used to be. Apple is blatantly lying about the processor speeds on their current models, the motherboards are burning out much faster due to the way they regulate the internal temps, and the RAM is soldered in and only replaceable at the factory. Also, forget about getting them fixed unless you have the Apple Care Warranty. However, if you already use Apple phones and tablets (I still do, for instance) then you might enjoy the higher level of intergration between all of your devices.
  7. Is Lenovo still sending theirs out infested with no-choice pre-installed spyware & phone-home-ware?
  9. I think Dell offers a Law Enforcement discount.
  10. All of the execs in my company are issued Lenovos. They range in features and price point.

    Newegg or Tiger Direct should be able to provide you with good selections and prices.
  11. If you can wait for the new Apple ARM laptops you’d probably be very happy.
  12. For general use laptops, go with the following:

    Processor: i5 or i7
    HDD or SSD (faster and more durable): 1TB
    RAM: 16 GB

    If you are going to do video or photo editing stuff, go with more RAM (32 GB) and get one with a dedicated graphics card.
  13. I have a Dell for work that has a SSD, so it boots up really fast. Can't speak too much for Dells other than that. Dell has been around a long time, though...one of the first big PC companies.
  14. The great thing about an SSD is they are way more durable as well. I can't even recall the number of HDD units that I have killed by carrying and knocking around my laptops over the years.
  15. I use Apple laptops currently, but in the past, I was issued Lenovo products. I was pleased with Lenovos’ durability, which may be a big deal with kids. It’s been years since I’ve had a Dell, but my last two Dells were garbage. This feedback is very dated, so maybe the landscape has changed.
  16. I have 4 working Dells (2 personal and 2 government) The oldest Dell was bought in 2009 and carried on 2 deployments to Afghanistan and it still works.

    I have one Lenovo. It lasted about 6 months and died. Apparently a common problem.
  17. Windows for sure.
    I've been very happy with Dell and Levono.
    The one HP I laptop I had was a turd, but I think that was just bad luck. My newer desktop is HP and it runs like a champ.
  18. I generally don't carry around my laptops very much, so I don't have that problem. If I did have a laptop for heavy travel use, it would definitely have an SSD.
  19. If it is for schooling, go Chromebook.
    Your kids can't game on a Chromebook.
  20. So you are just going to let them dictate what products the rest of us can buy?

    They drink water too. Better give that up also.
  21. Why do you hate America? :D

    Already a thread, by the OP, on that very topic.
  22. :)

    Well, I'm on a MacBook Pro now. My iPad Pro is 6" away and my iPhone 11 Pro 512GB is a foot away. I'm not too far left if I've work on Trumps campaign and have donated a lot of money. (They like me so much they text me for more $$$ every 3 minutes it seems)

    Check every review online. Most will say almost as good as a Mac, Just like a Mac, could be a Mac. Just buy the Mac!
  23. And besides "The Beatles" are Apple as well. I have iMac(10+ Yr), MacBook(10+Yr), iPad(10+ Yr), AppleTV(My 3rd, it' the baby at 2 yr), and an Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station(7+Yr).

    I've never used computers to make a living or assist on the job, they have just been for surfing, email, shopping Amazon, and entertainment. So I won't knock PCs especially for many who have to use them for work.

    Before I retired most of our dept's doctors used Apple but one doctor loved his PC. These docs were all "Attending" doctors, they did travel the globe sometimes to teach new procedures.

    In the end choosing a computer and choosing between Apple and PC is like art in one respect, that is a quote that I don't know who it first came from. Goes like this, "Art is in the eye of the beholder", or in other words, "Different strokes, for different folkes". Later.
  24. Needs to be Windows based laptop.
  25. Well I'm a "Righty" and I use a whole bunch of Apple products. Heck a few years back AppleTV even added a free Amazon Prime app. Funny at that time my remote for my Amazon Fire(Box like AppleTV...kinda) was messing up after my first change of batteries.

    I investigated by reading reviews about that remote. Well it seems that Amazon can't seem to make a decent remote, that's what I got from the reviews that I read. What do I do now, I don't want to buy another Fire remote just to have it crap out. Then I heard Apple was adding the Amazon Prime app to the AppleTV...problem solved. The Fire and its remote were sent to storage.

    Finally that little silver, Apple remote is built like a brick sh**-house and I have two them. When I got my newest AppleTV they completely changed the remote adding voice and a very small touch pad. I gave it a try but I didn't like it....wait a minute...gears cranking in my brain and a lightbulb appears over my head. Why not try using one of my little, silver old Apple remotes. Well I did and it worked fine, that was over a year ago and I still use the little silver one. Later.
  26. 4 gig is enough. Assuming that you aren't letting them waste time on games, you don't need much. Minimal storage.

    You can do this:
    1. look at Best Buy for the cheapest (not open box or returns). Look at the ratings. Then look up the models on Amazon.com, focusing on the negative reviews.

    2. you don't need the latest. You need two usb ports and may have to buy a 4 port hub for each.

    3. If you still have cds and dvds, just buy on cheap external drive.
    4. do NOT buy a microsoft product that has monthly or annual fees.
    5. buy a bunch of low capacity usb sticks on line with a name brand sold from a US address.
    6. ignore the advice to install some nifty operating system. when someone suggests that, invite him over to install and check his super wonder nifty operating system. he will consume a 6 pack and go home without his nifty operating system installed.
    7. for free, you can install the Apache software. I have been using it for at least 5 years. It does whatever the microsoft software will do. You push the buttons, it is installed and good to go.
    8. If you are wealthy, then go ahead and spend $$$$$$ for Apple products for a 6 and 8 year old.
  27. Ya, right...I am, and have always been, right-handed.
  28. Here's a link to Dell's Inspiron laptop page, with options offering 8 gigs of RAM and 256 gigs or more of SSD storage. $587 for a 15" laptop. They'll be solid, good, but unspectacular machines for general use. IMHO, 14" is kind of the sweet spot, but 13/14/15 are all good options, obviously smaller is better for portability, larger always better once it's open in front of you.

    IMHO, if you're going to spend $700 or more, pony up for a MacBook Air at $999. It's the computer you really probably WANT, though probably also the one you don't want to pay for.


    I've had great luck with the Dell Outlet, they sell refurb'd and scratch/dent models, I've never had a problem with one, and they come with full new-computer warranty.


    You can get great deals, and since the computers are already built, they ship right away. The one downside is that you need to be ready to pull the trigger, as they are often individual computers at particular price/configurations, and once someone buys it, it's gone forever. You don't get to go think about it overnight, and come back with confidence the deal will still be there. Might be, might not be, right?
  29. I have a Dell Inspiron 13" I bought about 6 months ago. The speakers blew withing a month but otherwise it's a good unit. I just bought some headphones rather than deal with customer service.
  30. Sorry to hear that, that's a bummer.

    Most Dells are coming with on-site warranty service now? CS is always a PITA, but my experience with Dell is that once I convince them I have the computer turned on, they're pretty good about getting the tech out to make the fix.
  31. Just about all hi-tech computer companies will be run by left-wing hypocrites - find the OS system and programs that you need, and go from there. I used to be a Windows Fan, but after XP I can’t figure out what the hell is going on. I’m using the Apple system now because I’m dealing with a bunch of scheduling stuff with my elderly mom, so the cloud based syncing is nice from my Mac, tablet, and phone.
  32. Why are people telling him to get a $1000 or more Macbook or similar for an 8 & 6 year old ? Get a good name brand 14 " with a moderate size ssd and 6 or 8 gigs of ram, should be good to go.
  33. Well do you want quality or quantity?

    I am a computer tech and am stuck working with Windows based devices most of the time, but I prefer Apple. We usually purchase the business end of HP or Dell laptops that come with a 3 yr warranty. After that 3yr time period is over...once it breaks we just replace it.

    Most kids will not take care of their equipment and I would not buy them anything expensive or valuable. Start them off with Chromebooks.

    If money is no object and you want the best then by all means go with Apple.
  34. I was going to go that way but once I told my wife we would have to work off of Google docs she was over it. She hates Google docs. She also hates Apple because it is totally different from her work computers. Oddly they all use Windows for computers but iPhones for smart phones.
  35. Get a HP and buy around black friday/cyber Monday. They had good deals last year.
  36. Casting my vote for Dell. I purchased a Dell Inspiron 5000, with an i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, 256GB SSD, and a 15" screen, a few months back. It's been flawless... and fast... boots in 10-15 seconds. It was $900... I don't know what you were looking at spending. It does not have a built in DVD drive, so I bought a stand alone drive. Overall I'm very please with this laptop.
  37. Commies...
  38. Pinkos.
  39. Kids take to apple intuitively
    Get a Mac and don't look back

    fewer infections too.
  40. I prefer Macs, but they can get pricey, and it really comes down to personal preference in a lot of cases.

    As far as RAM. A minimum of 16 gig, but I recommend getting as close to max as you are comfortable spending the money on.

    For the Hard drive. Go solid state. I do't worry about going crazy on size. 1tb is plenty.
    What I do is only use the. internal for the operating system, and applications, leaving a good portion of drive space for working files.
    I store all of my data files on external drives so that they are transportable between my laptops and desktops.

    Yup. It's really a good thing that Bill Gates isn't a lefty!
    And that lefty Limbaugh is a huge Apple fan too.
  41. MacBook Pro. I have had it since 2013 or so. love it. Still going strong.
  42. I used to buy into that nonsense until 2011 when I tossed my last windows machine out the window.
    So much less drama without windows nonsense to deal with.
    But if you just like Windows, by all means, stick with it.
  43. I do IT work for a defense contractor. Been there 20 years and every 3 years I get a new Dell Latitude. They have been great but may not be priced for the student market. The company has started to allow MS Surface laptops but I am happy with the dell latitude series.
  44. Your kids are 6 & 8. Walk into the nearest Walmart, target, or best buy and purchase anything that fits the budget and form factor requirements. Don't worry about memory or cpu they will all be sufficient. Ssd is nice but still not required. Any $400 budget laptop will last them many years baring no physical damage. Unless you want to spend more of course. They are all reliable and there is not a big span for day to day usage between bottom tier and top tier as there used to be. I say this as an IT guy, FYI.
  45. I have an ASUS laptop that is just hitting 9 years old. Still works great. I just use it as a backup for my IPad.
  46. Yes.
  47. I vote for Lenovo. They've been really good to me. Dell has been hit or miss.

    Keep an eye on what they sell to business. None of these companies will screw around with a medium to large business customer.

    Don't buy the low end machines and don't buy from a big box store.

    Don't use the low end or "home" version of any OS.

    Buy towards the end of a model's production run. Most or all of the defects will be exposed or corrected by then.

    Asus has a reputation for being cutting edge and it's true. Trouble is, sometimes they are so far ahead that they are riddled with bugs and defects that business brands avoid.

  48. I know, right?
  49. My son just bought Lenovo over Dell for his company. He worked them for the best deal. Several million dollar buy.