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Ok Old Guys Let's Help the Newbs!

  1. Trying to keep up with the way we abbreviate everything has gotta be rough when someone is new here. Let's give some definitions.

    1. BG= Bad Guy
    2. WML= Weapon Mounted Light
    3. SD= Self defense ( as in ammo)
    4. HP= hollowpoints
    5.Whacker= Someone who impersonates a cop.
    6. Ball= Ball ammo ( target ammo)
    7.FMJ= Full metal jacket ( usually target ammo)

    Add if ya wanna or call me an idiot for starting this thread, I care not!
  2. HB = Hash browns
    GPS = German potato salad
  3. Now we are being helpful.... yeah Im an idiot I guess.
  4. 4 on the floor
    3 on the tree.....

    no good? (Nathan Lane....Birdcage)
  5. GSD = German Shepherd Dog
    GSP = German Shorthaired Pointer
    CBD = Marijuana Juice
    RSA = Recoil Spring Assembly
    Glock trigger spring IS NOT a reset spring
    Glock Store = Where the n00bs go to get fancy colored doo-dads
    Post non-Glock stuff in General Glocking, get yer head bit off
    Twice Pipe = Double barreled shotgun
    WECSOG = Wile E. Coyote School Of Gunsmithing
    Kitchen Table Gun Plumber = Bubba's official title
  6. EDC = Every Day Carry (items you carry on your person every day)
  7. IWB Inside the waistband holster/carry
  8. Hookers and blow. H&B.
  9. I know there's a lot of internet abbreviations that some of you use that I haven't a clue what it means and have to look them up once in awhile.
  10. Official unit of linear measurement.

    Tactical Wheelbarrow...most amazing fighting vehicle know to man.
  11. AR 14...oops sorry
    Full semi automatic
  12. I know IBTL means...

    I'll Be Tattling Later
  13. YSOL: You're sh!t out of luck.
    FU: never mind
  14. TWTA = traveling-wave tube amplifier
    LNB = Low Noise Block downconverter
    OMT = orthomode transducer
    SNR = Signal to Noise Ratio
    C/N - Carrier to Noise
    FEC = Forward Error Correction
  15. ND: not dead.
    NDY: not dead yet.
    NDE: not dead enough.
  16. Good topic. In general, I'd just as soon not abbreviate and would prefer that people type things out whenever possible.

    Whacker is a new one on me . I always thought the term was whacko.
  17. Explain Copper Glock Grease and keep them out of the gun side of GT. They are mean to new guys. Especially if they have a reasonable question but did not spend extensive time with the search feature first.

    Oh, GT=Glock Talk.

    And Okie. Mark was the nicest guy you would ever meet.
  18. Why... for the love of God...... why?
  19. FULLY semi full auto : I dont know about guns..

    CLIP instead of magazine: I dont know about guns

    9mm is as good as 357 sig or 10mm or 45acp : I dont know anything about guns

    6 shot glock with magguts plus 3 that works sometimes without falling apart : I dont know anything about guns

    I carry 17 plus 1 and carry 5 backup 17 or 32 round magazines and a spare gun with 4 mags : I dont know how to shoot

    Got this great 24 inch group at 10 feet but the group is 14 inches to the left? : I dont know how to shoot

    Having problems with glock with 12 modified parts and stippled grip and super killing defence mega stopper ammo with the dual laser 300 sight system : I dont know anything about guns

    I have four glocks I cant afford to shoot and cant afford cleaning supplies or a holster what glock should I buy next ? : i dont know about guns or how to shoot
  20. FE: failure to extract?.
    FE: failure to eject?.
    FE: Fudd, Elmer
  21. FNG = new person

    AIWB = “appendix carry”

    BUIS = Back Up Iron Sights

    FUBAR = things aren’t going as predicted/hoped :)

    Stippling - a method used to improve the grip, so a pistol is easier to hold when wet, muddy etc. If done poorly, also a great way to immediately reduce the value of and appearance of polymer pistols. Generally The latter if done by an amateur and the former if done by a professional.
  22. BCG-bolt carrier group
    EBR-evil black rifle
  23. BTF: Brass To Face.
  24. Fmj : full metal jacket ammo. Fully copper coated bullet ammo used for practice.

    The capacity of your pistol magazine, plus the one cartridge loaded in the chamber.

    DA/SA. : double action / single action . A pistol of modern design where the first trigger pull pulls back a heavy hammer pull.. but the next shots are automatically loaded with a lighter single action pull from that point on.

    Striker action : a design where there is no internal or external hammer and pulling the slide back preloads the bullet firing parts, so that pulling the trigger causes the striker to pull back further then releases it to fire the cartridge .. the parts look a lot like a bic pen where you. Click the pen out and in.

    FTF : gun failure where a gun fails to fire

    FTE : gun failure when the gun fires, but the empty cartridge case fails to extract.

    Battery : gun slide after firing or loading the slide closes tight to allow the next round to be fired... if the slide stays too far back and does not fully close the gun is out of battery. Like a car door that does not fully shut.

    Stovepipe: the gun fires but the empty brass case does not fully leave the gun.. the empty brass jams keeping the slide open.. looking like the stovepipe on the roof of a cabin.

    Magazine disconnector: a pistol that requires a magazine to be inserted for the gun to function or fire.
  25. [​IMG]

    ... you did. :p
  26. MBNIWID - Hannie thread
  27. DRT- Dead Right There
  28. FS front serrations

    RTF rough texture finish
    Those took me a bit to figure out.
  29. PC = PopCorn (when waiting for the next guy to respond in the thread)

  30. Bravia- a tv

    Jacked up teef- her grill

    turtle cleaning kit- only untrustworthy homosexuals don't carry one at all times

    Queen LaBeefa- a homegirl with a phat azz
  31. rotflmao...
    So long, (well, you know). You're on your own.
  33. It's about seeing you next Tuesday you figure it out
  34. 69: standard default when you need an arbitrary number
  35. IIRC- If I Recall Correctly
    RTF- Rough Textured Finish
  36. Deleted. Too crass even for me.
  37. Not an abbreviation but good for Newbs to know. The officially accepted alternative to prison for the really bad guys.
  38. ASI
    ... Oops, wrong forum.
  39. Keister carry- deep concealment

    Prison purse-recreational pharmaceuticals storage facility

    Pimp hand- preferred attention getter for the GT OG's
  42. Glocktalk is barely about guns anymore for me.
  43. LOA list of acronyms
    SLOA short list of acronyms
    CLOA complete list of acronyms
  44. Is this thread DRT?
  45. TLA - Three Letter Acronym
  46. Seems like an appropriate place to ask... sometimes I don't see what someone has posted. What is it?

  47. I'd say it's the other way around. The youngsters need to let us old guys know what all these acronyms mean.
  48. Yeah there's no such thing as a Glock 7, but I want one anyway. :devildance:
  49. Always a popular reply.