Oh No! There goes Tokyo! Go Go...Iron Chef!

Discussion in 'Food Forum' started by ProfMoriarty, Aug 1, 2004.

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    Mar 28, 2004
    Is that show cool or what?

    It's the campiest thing since the Batman TV series.

    You've got the boss dude in the flamboyant gear with the permed hair taking a whomping big bite out of a pepper in the show's intro.

    Then comes the cooking style gladiators, dressed to the nines and brandishing spatulas like sai.

    They have a two male, one female judging triad with deep, resonant dubbed in male voices. Needless to say, the actress is presented as a ditz no matter what the language.

    And then the real fun starts!! Surprise ingredient!!!

    One night they lopped the heads off of wiggling, squirming fish fresh out of the tank and wound up with fish head soup and fish waffles or something equally improbable. A meal right out of a David Lynch movie. The male judge regular makes a statment along the lines of, "I've had many bowls of fish balls soup, however this particular bowl of fish balls soup is especially flavorful!" The male guest adds,"Yes! This IS excellent soup. I can really taste the balls." Then the ditzy actress pipes up with, "Yes! This is good soup! Yes! Hahahaha!"

    I'm telling ya, this show is hard to beat!!