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Off limits in KY

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What places are off limits in Ky?
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All the usual fun spots. Airports, police stations, courthouses, schools, resturants where more than 50% of their income is from liquor ( I guess you need to ask for their financial report ) Bars. I'm sure I'm missing a few others. Anyone ??
Look, are you guys screwing with me? The State Police website, that I provided a link to one thread down, lists all the places that are off limits, and since it is information provided by the State Police, I am fairly certain it is accurate. In the same thread, I also provide a link to the Kentucky Legislative Research website, which lists the statutes that cover weapons in Kentucky. I was kind of a jerk to the last guy, and I know I am still being kind of a jerk, but I feel this is important information. Why go to an online forum for this information when you can simply go to the state police website for the state you are traveling through?
So, you guys in Indiana are not allowed to carry a loaded firearm while you are 4-wheeling? That stinks.

Never mind, I see that you can carry a handgun if you are licensed. I am now very informed on the Indiana laws, and it took me about thirty minutes. It is much easier to just ask a resident of the state you are traveling to, but using my way I know my information is correct.
Only place "off limits" to me is that "Gentleman's Club" in Looieville-Susan says I can't go in there....
good one Rikki! Might do well to listen to her too, cause she has the ability to make other things off-limits if you don't pay attention:wow:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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