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OEM Glock vs. Lone Wolf Timber Wolf vs. the law?

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I occasionally read that a carry gun should not be customized outside of its OEM condition for CC. Supposedly one that is changed to meet a specific owners preferences could be a legal point of contention if the gun had to be used in a self defense event as far as the legal right to defend is concerned. My question is then how would a specific gun like the Lone Wolf Timber Wolf bought complete from LW, which is completely custom, be looked at in such a circumstance. Would it be considered OEM?
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The main issue is the perceived intent of the shooter not the weapon. For instance wearing a tee shirt that says something like “shoot them all and let god sort them out” when you are pleading self defense is probably a bad idea. If you fiddled with the safety like on a Browning High Power to get a drop free mag release and smoother trigger and had an accidental discharge you would have a more difficult case to make etc.
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