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Odd phenomenon in my decrepitude

  1. I've noticed that if I drink cold fluid before bed time, the next morning my stomach is upset. I was talking with a friend a few years older than me reported the same phenomenon.

    I'm 49 and my friend is 53. Anyone in this age range notice the same thing?
  2. Let's see, I'm 47 and every night before I go to bed I chug a cold glass of water mixed with two tablespoons of Metamucil. I have no stomach issues in the morning. :toilet:

  3. I don't suffer from that decrepitude, but if you have a few hours, we can go over mine...

    I constantly struggle with whether I actually have all these maladies or I am just turning into a major hypochondriac. Like most things, the truth probably resides somewhere in the middle.
  4. Old age breeds strange symptoms!

    As I get older, more weird stuff happens. I see my doc every three months and except for ongoing issues, nothing else is happening. A lot of it is just changes in the nerves and body chemistry, as well as decreasing efficiency of the internal organs. Aches, pains, and strange rumblings are normal for increasing decrepitude.

    Be glad that that you wake up every morning. As long as that happens you're OK.

  5. It's the alcohol in the fluids that do it, not the cold.
  6. I'm 53
    Your getting off lucky

    I tell the lovely wife;
    "It's not the years, it's the mileage"
  7. You are both wrong :)

    No idea, never had it happen to me that I can recall. I wonder if it spreads the acid around in your stomach to areas not used to it? You know, like how some people (not me) have to sleep more upright or else the acid burns their throat.

    Something like that?

    Maybe drink a lot, and then have some bread to soak it up, and then see what happens.
  8. *No Problems ....and I drink cold fluids "sport-drinks / ginger-ale" (on ice) all through the night..I am older than you nursetim....have it checked out...or do a search.

  9. I'm 65. It has never happened to me, ever.
  10. I'm 53. I don't have nursetim's problem, but recently I'm having problems with I guess inflammation of the median nerves in my hands.

    I now have to reduce the ridiculously light weights I've been lifting (compared to my twenties) to let the nerves heal. My fingers and thumb on my left hand are numb and tingle. It seems like it will take a while to get over this. It is a bummer because I really need to lift weights.
  11. Nope. I'm 51. I have noticed that if I eat refried beans for dinner, my wife seems mad in the morning. Not sure what that's all about.
  12. It's not troubling really, kind of helps with fasting the next day.