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October 14

  1. George Floyd Day
    I can't wait for the sales!
  2. George Floyd Day
    I can't wait for the sales!
  3. Why is it Oct 14th?
  4. That is my daughter's birthday. :steamed:
  5. Why?
  6. Well I guess payback is fair play. I can go into any black-owned business I like, steal stuff, punch an employee in the face and break some windows on the way out. Police, having been abolished by right-thinking politicians, won't be an issue. Cool.
  7. Happy birthday to the young lady! Take her out on a loot ... er, shopping spree and snatch some bargains from anywhere you'd like. Stealing is now OK.
  8. How about we have a commemorative day in honor of the day Floyd committed armed kidnapping of a pregnant woman?
  9. Don't you bring that up!!!! Troublemaker.
  10. Floyd's birthday is Oct 14,
  11. In memory of the dear Mr. floyd, I am going to planned parenthood and sweep all the preggos there.....i will miss him sooo much, rip.
  12. Make it a day where we commemorate kidnap victims and violence against women.