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Here's one more chance, friends.

We've again got inventory of all Mountain House canned varieties, absolutely fresh from the factory. (Note: some varieties will sell out very quickly ... Note too: the MH factory is beginning to back-up again due to high consumer demand, so take heed.)

1. ONLY Oct. 16-19, Safecastle will offer the maximum-allowed 25% discounts on all MH cans in stock!

2. No matter what quantity you order, you always get FREE SHIPPING (to the lower 48).

3. Plus, Buyers Club members reap substantial benefits from two separate incentive programs ... first--the Royalty Rewards program which this time around offers $50 gift certificates for every three MH can cases ordered -- no limit. Second, as with all purchases in our store through 2011, purchases count toward our unique Cache Back program for members..

ALSO--for those looking to stock up on protein via some delicious wet-pack meats (stores for 20 years) we have in stock plenty of Keystone beef, chicken, pork, turkey, and ground beef.

I should also mention we have on hand plenty of the ever-popular fresh, canned Bega Cheese and Red Feather Butter. Good for 10-15 years--refrigeration not needed.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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