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Ocasio-Cortez admits Impeachment is about swaying 2020 election

  1. Of course it is... and we all know that - even the dimwits know that.
  2. This is going to backfire in their faces and be epic
  3. "This is not just about something that has occurred, this is about preventing a potentially disastrous outcome from occurring next year,"

    AOC is declaring outright, that impeachment is a bludgeon, a tool, a means to an end. A way to prevent a lawful election. She's a revolutionary. She, like the other members of "the squad" want to behead government and get on with the socialist revolution. Go read the positions of the Justice Democrats, the movement behind AOC, Omar, Tlaib and Pressley. It reads like the Communist Manifesto... https://www.justicedemocrats.com/issues
  4. Keep speaking your mind AOC - and thank you!
  5. Anyone who takes any stock in whatever that whacko says is dumber than she is. She may say this today and do a complete turnaround and say the complete opposite tomorrow.
  6. No, not in this case...she is absolutely spot on. It's not about removing DJT from office. It's about making him look as bad as possible. They're going to drag this out as long as possible and the MSM will help.
  7. I just heard a sound bite of Cortez saying President Trump needs to be impeached to -- get this -- protect the planet from Climate Change!

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Can she POSSIBLY top this for sheer stupidity?

    Stay tuned ... The night's not over yet! :animlol::animlol::animlol::animlol::clown: :clown: :clown: :clown:

  8. NO one can make him look bad. He has done that all by his self. He is on self destruction.
  9. More TDS, this forum is full of it.

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  10. We already knew why they were doing it. The Democratic nominee field is so weak they have to try to attack Trump to slow him down. Hillary is apparently talking about running again since the Dems are so weak. I think that would be perfect since she's already perfected her excuses for losing
  11. I with you. No not how English speak either duffus. Evil man (sorry for using a bad pronoun), yes the orange devil, should be removed from office for stopping the socialists/communists/leftists from leading us towards becoming the next Venezuela.
  12. A political party using THE MOST extreme political process in the history of this nation, to sway the outcome of an upcoming election; let that sink in.
  13. You'd think -- but never underestimate the utter stupidity, ignorance and short-term memory of the American public; especially those who believe totalitarianism is the optimal form of government - ie progressives.
  14. Speaking her what?
  15. Lol. Whatever happens, I don't think she'll ever get a seat at the grown up's table.
  16. He's gotten more done in his term than the last ones since reagan.That's with %90+ of rs/ds fighting him all the way.He cant be bought or bullied,I like the way he does things.'08. :upeyes:
  17. What has he got done? He killed the Obama health care tax but what else? He appointed supreme judges who let Remington be sued? Second term of Reagan was all bad.

    The turnover of his cabinet is absurd. For sure he is bought, he doesn't have the convictions to not be. Wake Up! He is a flake who thought life would be easier as president. He publicly said it. I won't be voting next year nor the wife. We are surrounded by Indians, Trump has done nothing about this. If I recall H1B's increased 16% this summer.
  18. He's got the ds/rs agin him,he's done amazing things with the economy,unemployment is down crost the board.He's pulling troops out as promised,the gdp is a what %.He's fighting for joe average,just like me.If youse loose the rose colored glasses and realize things.

    Who could buy him???????????????

    No one,that's whats got the cesspool freaked.He can't be bought/bullied.He has been forsaken by the rs for that reason.What they can't control they will attempt to destroy.How many shots so far/Russia/Ukraine/Impeachment that bravo sierra.I rightly don't care if'n youse D/R.When he gets the houses back,youse best tighten yer boots.Then fill yer larders.

    Youse also seems to forget the ongoing/attempted coup,where he has been betrayed by members of his own staff.That's why the high turnover,he trusts till given a reason not.That LTC should be tried by the umcj,not familiar enough to stake a charge.

    Yet he's been impudent in office,that was .44 special.Not .45 super.'08.
  19. Imagine if the Founders were able to get a glimpse ahead to see the creatures that inhabit Congress in this day and age.
  20. Let's see he rides down the escalator on Jun 06th ... never held an elected office in his life ... say's "I am going to be POTUS". The GOP hates him and tries to destroy him. The Dummocrats hate him and try to destroy him. The MSM hates him and tries to destroy him. The International community hate him and try to destroy him. Seventeen Months later he becomes President-Elect of the USA! Since then he has become the greatest POTUS in our lifetime. MAGA KAG. Is this what you call a path of self destruction? Do you believe the MSA or your lying eyes?
  21. A moron with unfettered access , and without challenge whatsoever, to the media is a danger to the republic.
  22. One of the great things aout DJT is that he will stand up to the lunatic fringe extreme right just as well as the loonie left.
  23. The commie witch is saying that they want to prevent foreign interference. She is saying that it has occurred and they want to keep it from occurring again. Of course, her dingbat brain thinks that's how he got elected and the only way he can get elected again so it ultimately means what everyone is saying it means but in the context of the whole statement she is talking about foreign influence. That's SUPPOSED to be the point of this impeachment. That President Trump colluded with a foreign country against a political opponent.
  24. PLEASE stop asking this question about this moron!! She keeps taking it as a dare and goes out and does something even more stupid...it’s her “Hold my beer and watch this” moment.
  25. life according to u.have u seen his dis approval rating? u keep drinking the kool aid
  26. 6 of his best people are convicted of crimes.
  27. I like your view from dream land. go back to sleep
  28. It's funny that the only times leftists are honest is when they're saying something reprehensible. Says a lot about them.
  29. Come on hog balls, you can do better than that lol
  30. Stupid bar stripper.
    Democrats will suicide her.