Obama steals $1 billion dollars for illegal UN climate scheme

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    Obama steals $1 billion dollars for illegal UN climate scheme
    By Kelly - Jan 18, 2017

    With less than 100 hours left in his presidency Barack Obama is looting the Treasury.

    The White House announced Tuesday Obama had diverted another $500 million dollars in taxpayer funds to a United Nations “Green Climate Fund.”

    That’s on top of the $500 million Obama sent the U.N. in March 2016.

    Both times he acquired the cash by looting a State Department program that, among other things, was intended to stop the Zika virus from reaching the United States.

    Congress has refused to fund U.S. payments to the program, citing the fact some of the money would be shipped to terrorist states who have signed up for the free cash scheme, like “Palestine.”

    Despite the fact the payments to the U.N. violate Federal laws against funding terrorism, Obama simply swiped the money.

    So far Obama has pilfered $1 billion from taxpayers and shipped it to U.N. bureaucrats.

    The “Green Climate Fund” is a $100 billion U.N. wealth-distribution scheme that seizes money from advanced countries and redistributes it, mostly to dictatorships, to fight “climate change” in third-world countries.

    Of course, there is no way to stop recipients from simply pocketing the cash, meaning the “Green Climate Fund” is actually a way for the U.N. to bail out failing socialist dictatorships and terrorist states.

    It’s all the more reason for the U.S. to get OUT of the U.N.

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    I hope Mnuchin gets the chance to say, "Oops. There aren't any funds to back up that check. Sorry."