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Obama changes Cuba immigration policy, another last minute unilateral action

  1. Obama announces end to 'wet foot, dry foot' policy for Cuban refugees

  2. That's OK with me, it's a stupid policy aimed at getting the Cuban vote in Miami.
  3. Maybe Obama should ask his BFF Raul Catro to end the Socialist dictatorship in Cuba, so people wouldn't have to die trying to flee that leftist Utopia.
  4. Are they more oppressed than our friends the Chinese or the Saudis? I can't worry about their problems.
    As for Obama, he posed for a group picture in Havana that had as background a building with Che Guevara's mural.
    Either stupid or a commie.
  5. I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with this. It's Obama, so I must be missing something.
  6. Yes, they are. I think we need more people in our country who actually ascribe to its founding values. They are much more patriotic immigrants, in my experience, than people who come here and demand our country change to reflect their previously held values.
  7. He did Trump a favor, he doesn't have to risk losing votes to do it himself.
  8. Obama's Socialist fellow-travelers in Havana are embarrassed when its citizens risk life and limb, leave all belongings behind, in an effort to enjoy liberty.

    I suppose Obama would have returned East Berliners who managed to scramble over the wall before it was torn down.
  9. I'd rather have Europeans or Australians. They are not considered minorities and don't get preferential treatment. We have enough "special people" in a country where the vast majority of the people have minority status.
  10. Now it makes sense.
  11. But he won't deport illegals that are here.
  12. Yep, Europeans and Australians. That's a perfect strategy.
  13. There used to be an understanding of, and appreciation for, people who fled Communist dictatorships. I suppose these days many people don't remember the Cold War or the evils of Communism.
  14. Raul Castro is a better leader than Obama.
  15. Not if you have made your mind up.
  16. One of them is slightly better than the other.
  17. This makes no sense. This is the opposite of what he really wants so why is he doing this? Maybe it's to make Trump deal with the flood that is coming?

    It must have something to do with making life harder for Trump. I'm not sure he cares about Cuba's embarrassment with this.

    He is a vindictive POS who will do all the damage he can for the next week. Who's turn is it to watch the little man?
  18. Stray voltage?

    What's the other hand doing?

  19. So, uh, now it's good to accept illegal immigrants from oppressive countries? You know where citizens really risk life and limb to leave? Iraq and Syria. Would it be a bad thing to turn them away? If Obama did it I guess it would. If Trump did it it'd be great. Sound about right?
  20. for long white folks be gittin the minority status
  21. The White male is a small minority of the whole population and it is treated as a majority.
    It's politically incorrect to mention the status quo and the lie is generally accepted without questioning.
    Of the total, the women are a majority with a little over 50%. Of the rest of the less than fifty, if you take out all the minorities, the White male cannot possibly a majority but, they are singled out as such.
    As for Cubans and other Hispanics, many are of European origin but they still qualify for special consideration.
    In our farm, all animals are equal, some animals are more equal than others.
  22. I guess Obama didn't like how the legal Cubans in this country voted... :whistling:

  23. Minority status is a governmental control tool, not an actual numbers game. Whites are evil, white men are evillest, and all others are the poor, oppressed victims who only survive because the magnanimous Democrats are there to fight for them. That's the narrative and it will never change.

    There can be active genocide to the point where there's 100 white males left in the country, and guess who would still be considered the evil majority oppressor.
  24. They aren't mutually exclusive.
  25. Keep reading.

    Citizens really risk life and limb to flee Cuba. Unless you ignore the thousands who have died trying. Of course you do. :upeyes:

    And THERE'S the point. We have a winner. It's Obama's payback for the Cuban-Americans in south Florida. Nothing Obama does is without political impetus.

  26. Just a guess, but I believe he is peed off that Cuba "dissed" him after he kissed their butt. Now he has to show some spunk.

    I hate spunk!
  27. Without a White Demon to blame, every bad thing in this country will fall back on 8 years of leadership and they can't let that happen. It must by "Whitey's" fault since I know it couldn't be mine.
  28. I f'ing love it. trump is just lucky...here is rubio (dunce of the first order) acting up and saying he won't vote for tillerson. obamy (also a short sighted fool-dunce) comes in and kills the deal for potential emigrating republicans. trump, the lucky sob, gets leverage on rubio(azzholis of the first order). rubio's peoples(cubano) will want this reversed. rubio will hear about it like its a fire truck passing by. trump will subtly let rubio know what will be required if he wants reversal, or most likely, rubio( the gay bubble boy) will get it. rubio will vote for tillerson after a ephifany. thanks obama for the great save.
  29. :supergrin:

  30. BINGO!!

    How did the Cuban population of South Florida vote? Guessing they didn't vote Socialist cause they have actually had to endure the wonders of that mess. They also embarrassed the snowflake POTUS with their strong turnout celebrating Castro kicking the bucket. Why allow more of that kind of immigrants in??
  31. Exactly!
  32. Doubtful
  33. They risk life and limb to come from Mexico and countless other corrupt 3rd world hell-hole countries as well. I see absolutely no reason to treat Cuba any differently.

    This may well be political on Obama's part, but assuming you have a traditionally conservative view on immigration, your response is equally politically motivated.
  34. That'd take one heck of an event. Dishonest math aside white people are over 70% of the population.