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Oakdale Update

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by WIG19, May 9, 2005.

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    FYI, I had an "eConversation" with Bruce Bethke who is the VP of Oakdale Gun Club in Lake Elmo, MN. Their site had the GSSF match scheduled for some time and recently even added the Friday for the setup/prep day. So I have remained optimistic that eventually that location on the GSSF schedule would change from PENDING. Nonetheless I contacted Oakdale to verify that it was still a go, mentioning that for many of us in the Upper Midwest losing Oakdale (for me and my buddies over in MN it's our "home" match) would leave a large geograhic hole in the schedule. Especially when you consider that the same folks are willing to travel to IN, KY, CO, and MO. I find the following response from Bruce both candid and illuminating:

    I can understand that. The GSSF folks sprang a couple of last-minute surprises on us this year, and frankly, we are very unhappy with some of their new terms and demands. But we already had the event on the calendar and people scheduled to staff it, so we felt it was too late to back out.

    However, if you have any pull with the GSSF, you might want to mention to them that we are seriously re-evaluating our relationship with them, and at this time are not inclined to host their match in 2006.

    But never mind that. Have fun at the match, and hope to see you there!

    Hopefully some civil-minded discussion can mitigate something that seems to be driving more than one established & successful range away.
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    Too late for that.