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Nutnfancy reviews the M&P 15 Sport

  1. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YdpE6Lpw9E&feature=plcp"]S&W M&P15 Sport review by Nutnfancy - YouTube[/ame]
  2. in for later
  3. Good vid. He likes it.
  4. Have not heard a bad word about it yet to be honest. I love the ideal of an American made AR15 at a entry level price point from a company like S&W which has a huge distribution network within the industry. More ARs in more hand is a good thing IMO. This model only helps that.
  5. Poke around threads in here and a few other specialist forums, and you'll see bad words galore.

    I've owned the 15-Sport before the tide of internet opinion started to swing to the favorable side. Myself along with other 15-Sport owners kept on insisting that based upon 1st hand knowledge, the 15-Sport is good to go.

    I find it very interesting that the uninformed non-owners voiced their vehement opinion that the 15-Sport could never be a good rifle based solely on price point, the omission of a forward assist and/or dust cover are now turning into uninformed non-owners who have changed their tune based on a Nutnfancy review.

    Sheepeople. What idiots.
  6. For the average range commando the dust cover is unneccessary, most rifles don't have one. I prefer one, but i do tend to do more than most.

    The forward assist was put on with the M16A1 and was a mistake then, more of a security blanket than anything else. Any round refusing to chamber the first time, jamming it in there's not gonna help. If you need to quietly close the bolt, the depression on the side of the BCG (there for that reason...) works just fine.
  7. Please. no. MAKE HIM GO AWAY!!!!
  8. I'm a less than average range commando. :supergrin:

    Mr. Murphy, that is a very humble understatement on your part.
  9. Let's just say taking an accidental faceplant off the top of a 10 foot sand dune en route to your Humvee teaches you just why they put one on there in the first place....

    It didn't keep everything out, but it would have been a lot worse without it. :)
  10. sorry I only made it a few minutes, I can't stand that guy.
  11. Some people like him some dont. I think he has some good videos and points, I dont always like or agree but I can respect his views. Like any youtuber there will be those who will like and dislike. Hickok45 seems to be the only one who I havent heard too many people dislike.

  12. Hickok45 does some cool videos.
  13. I agree. He has a nice approach to them IMO.
  14. Nutnfancy talks to much and enjoys to listen to his own voice. Hickock is very low key understated doesn't take a lot of time to get to the point. Sturmgewher is the same way. A 30 min nutnfancy review is about equal with a 5-10 min hickock review.
  15. :rofl:

    Boy that's the damn truth.

    But, though overly long winded, fairly decent review of the Sport. I personally take a practical approach to ARs, I like getting value for the dollars spent(cheap does NOT = value!). And IMHO, there are three primary sources of value, or bang-for-the-buck, out there...

    The M&P15 Sport wins for budget factory rifles. IMO you will NOT find an equal rifle in that price range. Not even close. If the lack of dust door and forward assist bugs you, swap the bare upper receiver. I did this on the Sport I had, less than $100.

    The classic 6920 Colt, if you have a bit more money to play with, and don't want to build your own(?), this AR delivers on every level.

    Bravo Company(BCM) for the DIY crowd. I absolutely love their gear. I've lost count of how many of their uppers I've had show up on my doorstep, lol. Their auto-spec BCGs are made of pure awesome(and are a great upgrade for any AR), and the Gunfighter charging handle will be the best $45 you ever spend.

    BCM will cost you a bit more of course, but what you get for what you spend, it's money wisely spent.

    There's a TON of "cheap" ARs out there, DPMS and the like, but I don't see that as a value purchase. I'm sure many will gripe, but I just don't see it as getting quality per dollar spent.

  16. Not a fan of his review style, but a decent review of an excellent entry-level AR.
  17. Dude is annoying
  18. I've owned a Sport since last summer and it's been great. Non- professionals that spend big bucks on DD, BCM, KAC, Noveske, etc. will often rag on guns like the Sport because they believe it diminishes the value of their rifle and will defend their purchase fiercely. People who take their AR's to the range once a month will be just as well served by the Sport as they would a $1200 AR. The omission of a DC/FA was in my opinion for product segmentation rather than reducing costs. If you are buying one with the intent on adding all the stuff S&W omitted, I'd suggest just buying a 6920. If your satisfied with it as-is, then it's worth it.
  19. Sorry but as good as hickok45's reviews are they don't go into the depth that nutnfancy's do. I like them both. And last I checked hickok45 doesn't really review anything but firearms.

    Annoying or not nutnfancy does a good, thorough, job. 99% of such reviewers and videos on YouTube are far FAR worse.
  20. It's hard for me to watch 30+ minutes of anybody.
  21. He's a reservist USAF Lt Colonel, flies (or flew, he may now be retired) KC-135 refuelers.

    In other words, he's been terrorizing some reserve squadron's meetings for 20 years. I've spoken to him by phone, and immediately regretted doing so even if we did share the same service.

    He fills the "I don't know much but I think I do" category of reviewer. He can shoot, and he can talk, and I guess he fills a need, but he's no expert. Odds are, he never qualified with an M16 in the Air Force (most pilots never do, some never even held one before).
  22. For the market segment it is designed I think it will do well. At that price point it is clearly a top contender.
  23. I still find it humorous that people want to bash the M&P SPORT because it does not have combat capabilities. I find it retarded when people buy one only to put a standard flat top upper receiver on it.

    As I understood it, it was supposed to be a hunting/target weapon. Now it is an entry level combat/SHTF option? Lol.
  24. Yeah well nutnfancy is probably a good guy and all but I personally cannot stand most of his reviews. Too much talking, and some of his opinions are just plain stupid.

    Back on topic the M&P Sport is a great rifle for the price and it will serve the range plinker well.
  25. Just a question, but I'd like to know what disqualifies it from being a defensive/SHTF weapon? How many guns are on the market today, used for offensive/defensive purposes and don't have a TDP provided by the military?
  26. I saved some money and bought a DPMS then later upgraded to a Stag Arms then recently a Colt 6920... and I have to admit I wish I had just went with the Colt on day one. But my wants and needs are far different than most once a month shooters so a $650 budget AR is fine for most casual shooters.

  27. Mini-14
  28. You mean sporting firearms like the Remington 700 and the Remington 870 that have served military, police and civilians for both sporting and as a service / HD firearm?
  29. I don't know. Why is it disqualified from being a defensive?SHTF weapon? Since you quoted my post I am assuming you read that I said it wasn't. If it sends a bullet wherever you are pointing it at when you pull the trigger, then it can be used for defensive purposes. My "Now it is an entry level combat/SHTF option? Lol." statement was more of a jab at internet forum guys hyping an otherwise fine weapon as is for what it was intended for, to be the next candidate for slapping a bunch of tactical crap on it for the next whatever particular end of civilization fantasy they subscribed to.
  30. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7E9Qil7JFec"]hickok45 SHOULD BE BANNED!!! - YouTube[/ame]
  31. So, do you put the dust cover back on after you make fire & maneuver movements so that when you hit the ground over and over again, foreign matters wouldn't get in?

    The dust cover doesn't keep dust out and every tiny jolt would pop it open, not to mention catches on every wait-a-minute vine in the boondocks.

    Believe it or not but the US Army and Marine Corps fight in places other than the desert.
  32. TDP, CDP, ZDP... the damn gun had been around since 1950s. It ain't like a new engineering secret.
  33. When the guy said, "I've got to change the battery," I thought he was talking about the EOtech. You know, after that extended xylophone jam session at the beginning of the video.
  34. I am in awe of ALL of my M&P firearms, including the Sporter. Tremendous value, as compared to the rest of the field.

    I found Nutnfancy's presentation totally informative, and the 30-some minutes went by very quickly for me. I don't often watch instructional videos and reviews, so maybe that's why it didn't annoy me. I learned a few more details about my Sporter, and I agree that it runs beautifully, and is quite accurate.

    My M&P family now include M&P-9, M&P-45, Sporter, and Shield. Teriffic, all of them.
    Smith & Wesson has got it right.

  35. did you?


    to steal another members schticht, buy once and cry once.
  36. I never was in the obsessive/compulsive dust-cover closing crowd, though I've observed Marines tend to be, they drill it into them.

    Mine never popped open at 'every tiny jolt' even running around in Humvees with a lot of them. I'd rather have the dust cover there than not, but it's not a deal killer for me. AK's, G-3s, FALs and many others don't have one, and I don't worry about it too much.

    As the Sport is intended for 'sport' then it's basically an unneccessary expense for the intended use.
  37. Yeah, thats what I saying. TDP is a set of standards that are required by whomever the military contracts with to produce firearms associated with the TDP. Not having a TDP doesn't mean the firearm is useless and untrustworthy.

    @LA 357SIG - Sorry, I misread your post :)
  38. given what we know about the DI system in an ar15, i will take the dust cover 10 times out of 10 in a combat/shtf.

    lol at the guys upgrading the upper,barrel,stock,ect on the gun they bought for great value.


    i do agree its a good thing if it brings in more to the sport and it has.

    but like others said, buying the gun is like getting a base hit in a ballgame.

    if you want to score and win the game it will take a lot more.
  39. Not trying to start WWIII here, but what the hell is wrong with that? Doesn't matter if it's a $600 Sport, or a $2,500 Noveske. How many people buy an AR and leave it just the way it came? Not many.

    I personally prefer BCM, I tinker, I like to build stuff. But I had a Sport. My build up?

    $625 for the Sport.
    $85 for the upper receiver to get the DC/FA.
    $100 for MI drop-in rails.
    $25 for MOE+ grip.
    $35 for AFG.
    $12 for some crappy rail covers off Amazon.
    (red dot in pic belonged to my friend, he wanted to try it out)


    Grand total of $882. And I had an AR, set up EXACTLY the way I wanted. It was a range toy... but the god's honest truth, would I trust my life to it in a SHTF, etc, situation?

    Absolutely, 110%. Damn thing ran like a swiss watch, gobbled up mag after mag after mag of whatever ammo I fed it. Incredibly accurate, perfectly consistent ejection pattern.

    Got an offer I couldn't refuse, and sold it. Wish I hadn't, and am planning on building another.

    However, I feel the Sport is an exception in the world of so-called "value" ARs. Have had my hands on other $600-$800 rifles that I would NOT trust my life to. A few that I really didn't feel comfortable even shooting paper with.

    Start with a good foundation. Then upgrade to your tastes.

    Rant over.
  40. :agree::agree::perfect10::cheers::goodpost::goodpost:
    Amen Brother!
  41. There's a reason FOR a dust cover and FA. I've had to use the FA on a AR with bad BGC just to get it back into the upper for disassembly (GO DPMS!). Guns like the Ak don't really need the dust cover where tgey're built to looser tolerances.

    I prefer those gadgets on the AR for my personal gun. You may or may not ever need those features. Like the slogan says "your results may vary"

    There wasn't enough price difference for me to justify not having them.
  42. What do you want to bet he wasn't piss tested a lot?:whistling:
  43. Not trying to bust your nuggets man, not at all. I've bought turd guns before, I'm sure most of us have.

    But this perfectly illustrates the point I was making in a previous post. In your case, the FA was an absolute necessity, due to an inherent flaw in the rifle itself.

    The FA is a nice thing to have, for peace of mind if nothing else. But myself, and I'm sure I'm not alone, I've never had to utilize it when running a well made AR, including the Sport.
  44. Dust cover? ...Your right most rifles that are or were used in combat don't have one. Its programmed into many minds that one is needed. Foward assist?....In my 30+ yrs of using an AR I can't remember the last time I had the need to use it. Its a panic button for those folks who have not been trained to clear a malfunction.

    With the right upgrades I'll put the Sport up against my Colt any day.
  45. It's a $600 AR, that will serve most people well for the range and HD/SD. So, what "game" are you referring to? What "scoring" is necessary above what the rifle is intended for.

    And who the hell compared buying an M&P15S to baseball?

    Jesus, I feel like I'm talking crazy pills.
  46. The FA is complete redundancy. AR BCGs are milled so you can place your finger on them through the ejection port and push them forward if necessary.
  47. Yup!

    However, he described the DPMS rifle having a "bad BCG", that wouldn't go back into the upper. I can only assume it was milled improperly, and required additional force to push it forward.

    Probably a scene like I've witnessed at the range far too many times, lol. People pounding on the FA button like it's a game of "Whack-a-Mole". :wow:
  48. Right? So he could have applied extra force buy using a finger to push the BCG forward.

    The FA only exerts force on the BCG in the last little bit of travel before lock-up. So, if he could get it into battery with the FA, he could have done it without, using his finger.
  49. :dunno:

    Don't know what to tell you bud. I know what you're saying, I can only make assumptions about what he thought was the best course of action.

    Which, with DPMS, should have been to find the nearest trashcan... :whistling:

    The few times I've had to "help" the BCG in, was due to operator error, lol. I just roll my strong hand up, and thumb it in.
  50. Im guilty of being a little rough with my guns from time to time. (usually after a brass check) and to be honest, if your AR cant handle a little whack to the FA then you have bigger problems. Tapping the FA a few times should not shut down a quality gun that is built to survive combat conditions.

    Still, its not wise to "abuse" it either.