NRA Pistol Instructor class, March 27/28, Springfield, IL

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    The class will be in Lincoln, IL, just about 30 miles from Springfield, at the Holiday Inn Express.

    The dates are March 27/28. Class will be BIT + Pistol. (Meaning that successful completion will result in the certification as an NRA Pistol Instructor.) If a person needs BIT only (i.e., the new NRA rules require current instructors to redo the BIT if 12 months has gone by and the candidate wanted to add a new discipline), then please contact me for information on attending just the BIT.

    Please contact me for more information or to register. There is no pre-payment/deposit required.

    We need 5-6 to make this work. So, if interested, please send me an e-mail confirming your plan to attend. Send to: