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    Went to the NRA Annual Convention in St. Louis this Friday afternoon (4/13), and walked around the exhibits. They had a "class" in the middle of the afternoon - Refuse to Be a Victim, but I didn't get to that - the exhibit hall kept me occupied for 5 hours.

    All the manufacturers were represented and Glock had one of the larger exhibits. No guns or ammo were sold but you could sure buy a heck of a lot of t-shirts or ballcaps from distributors and manufacturers. Kahr was giving ballcaps away. Glock was giving nothing away. BreakFree and Hoppes had some small free samples. And it seemed like you could find a lot of range bags or holsters for sale.

    The manufacturers had all their guns available to play with - with no firing pins in them! Gave me a chance to see how each handgun fit my hands and grip. I found that the Desert Eagle is a handful. Speaking of guns with firing pins; I had heard that you couldn't CCW in there and that police would be at the door. That seemed to be half right - St. Louis police were at the doors, but they weren't checking anyone and I saw no signs. In Missouri, you are not supposed to carry in sporting arenas or stadiums with a capacity of 5,000 or more, and the Convention was in the domed America's Center which is the St. Louis Rams venue, but it's a multi-purpose venue and not being used as a stadium, so...

    I heard on the local St. Louis news that this NRA Convention will set a record for convention size in the city. Indeed, one couldn't park for miles around, traffic was horrible as the exhibits closed at rush hour, and the concessions didn't seem to have enough employees to get folks through quickly. (now is about the time when some local bureaucrat comes up with the idea of hosting the Olympics :))

    NRA members, military in uniform, and LE were admitted free, so the price was right for many folks. One thing for sure, I certainly have enough reading material for the library...