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Now, THIS is a solution.

Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by TedG, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. TedG

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    Buckeye Firearms Notes

    A publication of Buckeye Firearms Association
    "Defending your Firearm Rights"

    December 22, 2012

    Armed Teacher Pilot Program to Provide Free Training to Educators

    Buckeye Firearms Association (BFA) announced they have launched a pilot program to provide firearm training to teachers free of charge.

    The announcement was made at a Town Hall Meeting at Ohio State University Thursday evening where participants debated the gun control issue in light of the recent mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

    Ken Hanson, BFA's Legal Chair, made the announcement, saying, "Teachers and school board members have been asking us for years about training to prepare for an incident like Sandy Hook. So our educational Foundation will sponsor an Armed Teacher Pilot Program for a comprehensive 3-day training class at Tactical Defense Institute in West Union, Ohio. Based on the response to this pilot program, we will roll out classes to other training facilities."

    The program will begin by accepting 24 teachers. All expenses, including class tuition, ammunition, and lodging (which are expected to total approximately $1,000 per teacher), will be paid by Buckeye Firearms Foundation and outside donations. Officials will be invited to attend the class at no cost to help develop appropriate training guidelines.

    "The long-term goal is to develop a standard Armed Teacher curriculum and make the training available to any teacher or school official," said Hanson. "To begin, we will use funds from our educational foundation and solicit donations from corporations to pay for the pilot program. Going forward, we will seek funding from a variety of sources to expand the program."

    BFA's educational foundation is finalizing details of the Armed Teacher Pilot Program and will provide further details as the program takes shape.
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    As more teachers learn about the subject, perhaps they will do what comes natural to them and 'teach others', other teachers. Is it possible for a minority to influence the majority? We'll see...

  3. Gunhaver

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    Jan 24, 2012
    Hell, I'll wave the fee for anyone that could prove they were a teacher or anyone else that works in a school and wants to take one of my CCW classes. I'd might even find time to do the one on one with them for free.

    Now if we could just do something about those stupid signs...

    I wish I had as much interaction with teachers as I did when married to an edu. major with 2 kids. The message of how ineffective all the ban measures are needs to be beaten into their heads along with the reminder of how much they themselves are in danger. If they want to have CCW in schools then they shall have it. The teacher's unions always get their way.
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