November 6, 2005 on "60 Minutes"

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    From Soaring Society of America's online news:

    Neil Armstrong flies with Knut Kjenslie

    By Jim Culp

    On September 20th, CBS's 60 MINUTES crew came out to Seminole-Lake Gliderport, Clermont, FL. where they had scheduled bringing a "Mystery Man" Glider Pilot for a glider flight check-out and filming.

    Knut Kjenslie, owner and operator of the Gliderport found out the mystery man was Neil Armstrong. Neil Armstrong wanted a check out to fly one of Knut's gliders.

    Armstrong wanted to fly gliders in the filming of a segment about his love of glider flying. This is part of a special profile on the famous Astronaut in conjunction with his Neil Armstrong autobiography. Mr. Armstrong was a competitive Gliderpilot in the 1960s', before he went to the moon.

    This special Profile on Neil Armstrong is set to air Sunday November 6, 2005 on "60 Minutes". The producer told Knut not to be offended but they will also have to air a little about him not only being a gliderpilot but that he was the First man to walk on the moon and the most famous Astronaut to date.

    I have never been one for hero worship, but Neil Armstrong is one man I'd truly love to meet! Can't wait for the show!

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    I have to mark that on the calender.

    Thanks for the heads up, I never watch 60 minutes, I'd have missed it.

    I hardly ever look at the Moon without thinking about the lucky guys that left their footprints there.