Not to long ago, the world classified us as essential, and now the same people who once deemed us...

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    Not to long ago, the world classified us as essential, and now the same people who once deemed us heros, are deeming us the villians. Funny isn't it.

    Create two sides. Both whom have done wrong, and make each side think their way is right. Then make them believe the other is the enemy. All the while making it seem both parties are fighting for peace.

    The wolf won't ever have to fight for his food, if he Can convince the sheep that the sheepdog is the enemy

    Learn to love regardless of creed, race or religion. You will have reservations, but you will not hate. There will be times you will have to look humanity in the face and say NO....

    I will not conform to such illogical rhetoric.

    This world is cold to the touch. We have lost our way in society. When the world turns cold, we must remember that it is us that must warm this world

    As always smile often, love another and always be firm in your desire to unite.​
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    May 8, 2017
    As long as the children are arguing. Mom and dad. Can do as they please. The population is being played. Will be worse around November! Wonder why

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    May 9, 2020
    well for what it's worth from a layman, i find your line of work essential, needed, and professional.

    sad that a few make it so hard on others. it's the same in my former profession as a truck driver.

    people rue the day they see us on the roads in thier way, and they have to get around us.

    but if the trucks stop, so does America.

    same as with the police, we need you to enforce the laws, and to protect us.

    with out the law enforcement, anarchy will prevail.
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    To the hard left socialists the cops are very essential, and central in their plans to destroy law and order by destroying the legitimacy of law enforcement.

    The cops are an obstacle to implementing their totalitarian paradise
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