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Not Sure What to Purchase Next

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Over the last few years I've added a few Glocks to the family. All of my Glocks are Gen 4's with the exception of one. So far I have a 42, 43, two 26's, 27, 19, 23OD (unfired), 21, and a 17 Gen 5.

I want to use my last GSSF coupon next week before it expires and I'm thinking about a backup 19. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

This may seem odd, but I ended up purchasing a 17.4. I would like to eventually have all the Gen 4's and the price was right. This will give me a backup 17.4 to go with the 17.5. I plan to purchase a 19.5 in the future if I like the 17.5.

I have so much 9mm and .40 ammo that I wanted to avoid 10mm and .357 at this point, but those were very tempting. Certainly in the future if finances allow. Thanks for all the input.
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