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not happy with experience

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I was shopping for rainier bullets the other day and my usual sources had them on backorder, so I did some digging and came across According to the web page they had the bullets in stock and for a decent price. I had never used them before but it's a big business and the web page was secured so I gave them a try. I placed my order for 1000 Rainer bullets on April 24th and I was e-mailed a confirmation of my order. The next day my debit card was charged for the price of the order, so I assumed it had shipped. Having not received or heard anything I sent them an e-mail on May 2nd with my order number and asking for an update on it's status. On May 4th I had yet to get a response to my e-mail so I called them. I gave the guy my order number, was put on hold and when he came back he informed me they were on backorder. I asked when they expected them in and his response was. "We don't know, we'll call you when they get here". At that point I asked to speak to his manager, and he put me on hold until she was available. I explained to her that I ordered and was charged for a product that they said was in stock, and now over a week later I find out it's not in stock and they have no idea when it might be, I explained that is not acceptable to me, and that charging before an item is shipped is a terrible business practice, and that I want to cancel the order and have my money refunded. She wrote all this down by hand and told me that when a computer was available she would take care of it. I wasn't holding out much hope, but when I checked my online statement this morning May 5th the money was back, so at least they go that right.

I won't go so far as to say blacklist them, though I will never order from them again. Just wanted to inform you about my experience before you go through the same mess I did.

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