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Not Black Friday... But Super Saturday!!!

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Yesterday I did a little horse trading and got a very nice 4 " 686-1. There are one or two extremely slight handling marks. Otherwise, it is perfect without a single flaw at all in the polishing, etc. The grips are the pretty wood S&W Target grips that I used to take for granted on S&W revolvers. It has a red ramp front sight, which I very much like, and a white outline rear sight. It has a very nice smooth double-action and a very crisp single-action. It is pre-timed locking into battery before the hammer is at full cock in single-action and before the hammer breaks in double-action. Lockup is like a bank vault door. There is virtually no mark on the cylinder from the bolt dragging... just a very slight burnishing. All the screw heads are perfect. The side plate fits correctly and flush. There is no indication anyone has ever been inside the revolver. It came with the box, literature and tools. The plastic bag had started cracking and shredding on one end. The tools show no sign of ever being assembled or used. The box is perfect. Even the S&W VIC paper inside is intact, not a tear in it at all. I am trying to pin down the date of manufacturer. Here is a link to some pictures:[email protected]/sets/72157625487728774/
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Congrats! :cool:

I've got one myself. Great revolvers.
That's a nice S&W 686. I bought one in 1984 (no dash).
Very nice!!!

I missed the old hammer-mounted firing pin.
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