Not all self defense shootings are close range

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    Tom Givens of Rangemaster has had his 51 student involved in a shooting in Memphis.

    Check out the news letter for details.

    I'll just say the wife, having to shoot from the second floor to the front yard to stop the attackers who were fighting her husband was not the close quarters we discuss do much.

    And there are lessons to learn from it.

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    Doh ?
    From The Newsletter

    Student Involved Incident #51

    Monday evening, at 10:40 p.m., we had the 51st self
    defense incident involving a Rangemaster student
    that we know of. This one occurred in an upscale
    area in the Southeast part of the county, just outside
    the Memphis city limits.

    The male resident had just arrived home, exited his
    car, and was walking up the sidewalk to his home
    when he was accosted by two armed robbery suspects.
    A struggle ensued, during which the homeowner was shot in the thigh by
    one of the suspects. The homeowner’s wife was at the front door to greet her
    husband, and saw the attack. She ran upstairs, got her handgun, opened the
    bedroom window and engaged the suspects with several shots from the window.
    She hit one suspect, and both fled.

    The homeowner was taken to a local hospital and treated. About 1:00am, police
    received a call from Delta Medical Hospital on Getwell about a male with a
    gunshot wound. He was positively identified by the victim as one of the robbers,
    and was arrested and transferred to the jail unit at the Med. The second
    suspect was still at large at the time of the police report.


    1. Both the homeowner and his wife have been through training
    here. The wife’s ability to engage the suspects likely saved her
    husband’s life. Had she not intervened he probably would have
    been shot more.

    2. The victim owns several businesses, including a couple of convenience
    stores in Hickory Hill. It appears he was followed home,
    and possibly deliberately targeted on the theory that he would be
    carrying the store’s cash. Be alert, and as you draw near your
    home or other destination, check your rear view mirrors! If you
    have made some turns and the same vehicle is right behind you,
    don’t go home.

    3. Practice! Not all defensive shootings involve a suspect a few
    feet away. In this instance, the wife had to shoot past her husband
    from the second floor window, without hitting him.

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    4. Have life insurance on your partner in case the practice thing doesn't work out.

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    May also want to get her a long gun and have her practice with it also.

    Then maybe the headlines would have read " 2 Robbers Shot Dead by Gun Wielding Wife"

    Although, sounds like she did an excellent job with what she had to work with.