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North American Hunt Club

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I get this letter in the mail, extending an offer to join the North American Hunt Club. Does anyone know if this is any good? There's talk of getting free hunting gear, but I don't suspect that is even remotely depicted honestly. I figure its a gimmick to get me to subscribe to their magazine.

What thoughts do you guys have about this offer? I think the price works out to $1 a day.
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One world "trashcan".

I get that offer every year, never tried it out but if it sounds to good to be true than it probably is.
Originally posted by noway
One world "trashcan".
+1 They suckered me in about fifteen years ago. No free hunting gear, a crappy magazine, and the fishing hooks they sent me were too small for deer.
Thanks for the replies. I'll avoid these guys.
I joined when they first started. It was great. The magazine was written by the members. The grammer wasn't great but the stories were. There were swap hunts between hunters and a lot of cheap free gear to be tested.

The guides and outfitters seemed to take over and the club started taking advertisers. From then on, the stories were written by slick writers touting the products sold by the advertisers. And everything was for or by the outfitters.

It appeared the few people in charge were having a big time hunting all over the place collecting the members money.

Then they got into the hard sell side of the business. They sent the members stuff they did not order. If it wasn't paid for promptly, they followed up with threatening letters wanting their money!

Everyone I know, who was a member, has quit.

They even tried to pattern themselves after the NRA and created another arm of the club to raise money for hunting rights or something. They hinted you were a lowdown, *&$#%$%$ing &^&^%, and a no account *&*^$ skunk that didn't give a ^%@$# about your rights if you didn't send them more money.

I recall a big contest they held to pick an club symbol. After a big tadoo they decided on the eagle.
A hunting club! You can't hunt eagles! And like the eagle has never been done before! They needed a contest for that?

They even started a fishing club as well.

In case you can't tell I agree with the others, trash can!
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Originally posted by suckersrus

Then they got into the hard sell side of the business. They sent the members stuff they did not order. If it wasn't paid for promptly, they followed up with threatening letters wanting their money!

So true! It happened to me. I was a member for about 2 years and they started sending me hunting books. I sent the first few back, but still they sent them. I started keeping them. They sent me the nasty "collection" letters and I called the customer support line, it went something like this;

Them " Mr. Dam do you intend to pay for the books you ordered from us?"

Me "No."

them "No??"

Me "Nope, I never ordered books from you and even took time out of my day to send the first few back."

Them "Mr. Dam if you do not pay for the books we will have to take legal recourse.."

Me " Listen, why don't you go look up the postal laws pertaining to sending unsolicited material in the mail, it may shock you"

Them "Mr. Dam, not only are you facing legal recourse, but your club membership is in jeopardy."

Me "no it's not, don't send me another &*^^%*$ thing from your %#$%$# little pissant club. Goodbye."
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That's the way most of those "North American..." Fishing/Hunting/Crocheting clubs 'work'.

Avoid them.
yeah, when they first came out they were good.. i got a set of shoot-n-see targets about a year before they came out on the market.. used them sent in a review, but then all of the above posters things happened, i quit and have never looked back.
I am a life member. I have been a member since 06/01. Lately it has been going down hill. Ads on the BBS (I'm "freakshow" over there), article quality isn't as good as what it was before, magazine content getting smaller and smaller, articles more about $4K out of state hunts and hunting abroad using equipment the average hunter can't afford like every other hunting rag. A lot of their NAHC logo stuff is overpriced, like the Ultimate Big Game Backpack for $130, worth prolly $50. Some of it is priced pretty good. For example, the Crooked Horned Outfitters Bino Buddy with the NAHC logo on it was less than half the cost of the CHO oringinal version. I had to buy me one of those. $8.99 I paid. Can't beat that, they were made by CHO for the NAHC, so it is the real deal.

I test stuff all the time. A lot of the new products they let LMs try it first before it hits the catalog. They always send me stuff right before the hunting season. I send away to test it free for 30 days. They get it to me and I use it throughout the whole season, then send it back, citing improvements to be made for me to buy it. They send me a letter of thanks and do the same thing next year. I have done this with cheap things like boot liners and hats to expensive GPS units and jackets.

Product testing is a seniority thing. They started me on cheap crap (emergency blanket) and I worked my way up to good stuff after a while (binos, scopes, broadheads).

Last I heard it was bought by some foreign company. That is when stuff started heading downhill lately.

I'd save your $350 bucks. I already am PIF, so I get the mag for life and other perks. I got a nice leather jacket, stationary, hats, boots, pants, gloves, and all sorts of casual clothes as thanks for being a LM. I got my $350 worth and then some.
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Product testing is a seniority thing. They started me on cheap crap (emergency blanket) and I worked my way up to good stuff after a while (binos, scopes, broadheads).[/B]

Thanks for another perspective. The seniority thing makes sense, I guess, but it certainly wasn't explained to me when I joined.
Companies that make outdoor products don't need the NAHC to test their products.

There are thousands and thousands of people that serve that function. Not only do they test the products and provide feedback, they pay for the privlege. They are called "customers".

NAHC may get some of the products for free or they may simply purchase them and send them out to members. Either way it is a good scam.
They sent me some headsets to test. It made me feel good at the time. (It would have been cheaper if I had not joined the club, just bought the headsets)

After that I kept getting letters saying they were considering me to test other products and more information would arrive in the mail, shortly.

This always occurred just before membership renewals were due.

I sent in the annual check and no merchandise ever arrived.
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I was a member when they first started out--and as many have said; the NAHC went down hill fast and bailed out several years ago. My son in law paid, I believe it was $350 for a life time membership and has stated many times that it was on of the worst mistakes he had made.

Trash it. If you don't you'll wish you had.
Another "ex" member here. I joined years ago when they started. I was at an Outdoors show, and they had a booth set up. For a few years it was OK. I even got my picture printed in the back of the magazine with a nice buck I shot.

Then after a few years as a member, I started getting the unsolicited stuff in the mail, followed shortly by bills and then collection calls/letters. I did the same thing as nyredneck. I'd send them back unopened. But they kept coming. The last straw was when I got a threatening letter from a collection agency for two video-tapes that I did not receive. Then, two days after getting the collection letter, the two video-tapes showed up on the same day. Argghhhhh.

IMO, it's just a scam to sell you stuff you don't really want or need, stay away.
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