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Norinco can now be imported to u.s.

  1. My home is in Las Vegas and I live every other year in China where I have access to an unlimited supply of Norinco 400KNs which I can legally import into the U.S. Should I import the Norincos into the U.S?
  2. YES!!!:supergrin:
  3. Can't find info on that model...
    Got any pics or tech info?
    From what I read here,Norincos are highly regarded.
  4. You can import Norinco 1911s into the US?
  5. That was supposed to be my line :supergrin:

    Norinco's were banned via the Federal Gov't during the Clinton administration. Be careful, if it could have been done, I feel it would already have been done.

    Would love to see the 1911's, Sig and CZ copies imported.
  6. Yeah, you can never have too many manhole covers.
  7. That's what I found too... Airport mechanical manhole covers... but this is in 1911 forums.

    I suspect there is a disconnect somewhere.
  8. Yes, you are right. The Norinco 400KN is a manhole cover. When I was walking down the street the other day I noticed all the manhole covers had Norinco labels on them. I have seen them install these manhole covers, these are well made manhole covers.
  9. :whistling:...Hmmm?...I wonder what a manhole cover would look like if it was golfballed and hardchromed? :cool:
  10. Norinco has a toy manufacturing division as well, can you import them? I for one would LOVE a chinese made Godzilla action figure! Oh wait...I meant japan...nevermind.:embarassed:
  11. :rofl::rofl:
  12. Yes I can! I am well contected here in the Peoples Republic of China.
  13. To be honest, it does look like they make a great manhole cover.
  14. So, do you keep your manhole cover in condition 1 or 3?
  15. If their man hole covers are made of the same type steel their 1911's are, I doubt they'll ever need replacing.
  16. I can buy them all day long here for like, 300 bucks BNIB, but I still can't...bring...myself...to...own...a...Chinese gun.
    I don't know why.

  17. Go ahead.............if you like living at Leavenworth. :wavey:

    Norincos cannot be imported into the U.S. Period. Research the law.

    For those in Canada:

  18. Did you even read the thread before replying or did you just prematurely ejaculate all of your valuable knowledge?
  19. Deleted.
  20. :rofl:
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