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Non-permissive Carry Environment

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Does anyone work and regularly carry concealed in a non-permissive office environment or venue? I don't mean illegally, but in a legal CCW jurisdiction where an individual office, business, or venue frowns upon CCW and would likely toss you out (or attempt to do so) should your firearm be discovered...and no, I don't mean banks, schools, or government facilities. Just curious if folks do and what they carry. :eyelashes:
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I teach state-certified CCDW on weekends; it is not my point was it all depends on where you happen to be on the map and how large (or small) you community is, nothing more or less.
Yes, super secret is a great theory, but it doesn't fit with everyone's lived experience :)

Always funny when a co-worker or boss or customer or student shows up at your course.
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