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Non-permissive Carry Environment

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Does anyone work and regularly carry concealed in a non-permissive office environment or venue? I don't mean illegally, but in a legal CCW jurisdiction where an individual office, business, or venue frowns upon CCW and would likely toss you out (or attempt to do so) should your firearm be discovered...and no, I don't mean banks, schools, or government facilities. Just curious if folks do and what they carry. :eyelashes:
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Did a few years in plainclothes, a street crime assignment. First, I dressed like the janitor. (See my stickied "Grey Man" thread above.) My gun was a G27 AIWB, and I guess I pulled it off. I had a few that said, "I knew you were a cop!", but somehow that was after they'd done the deed and gotten hooked up for it.
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