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No sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just recently I have no sound from my computer speakers...I do the test on them and it says they are working properly but I hear nothing..I am running windows xp home.My sound is not muted and my volume control is high...already checked that....I have reinstalled direct x ...someone said that might work but it didnt....any answers?
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Are the speakers plugged in, turned on and turned up?
Is the audio cable connected snugly at both ends?
Are any of the subordinate volume control sliders muted or set at a low level? "Wave" is the one that applies for the most part.

If all that shecks out then you probably have a failure. Easiest check is to plug a set of headphones into the audio port on the PC and see what you can hear. Hear something and you have a speaker/cable/power problem. Hear nothing (and you know the headphones work) and you have a PC problem, either hardware or software.

Alternately you could plug the speakers into a Walkman or iPod or something and see if you get any sound that way.
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