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no slides available

  1. Well, it seems i made a mistake. i purchased a G19 gen3 frame for almost nothing, completed it, and now it is ready to accept a slide. Problem is that there are no factory slides available, except the place in san diego, and they want to rape you for one. 325.oo for a bare slide. Glockmeister is out of stock, and then want to charge you shipping on top of that. So This "build" is no longer cost effective. I would consider putting an aftermarket slide on it, but i wouldn't want any of the glock "purists" to drop dead because i did so. My point in all of this is "lesson learned". So i guess this frame goes in the back of the safe. Maybe do a poly80 build or something, and really give the purists something to howl about.
  2. Just get an aftermarket slide. Who cares what the "purists" think. A gun is a gun is a gun. I built up a gen4 frame and stuck a lonewolf gen3 23 slide on it with a 32 barrel.
  3. I thought poly80 frames are only compatible with gen3 slides?
  4. Why do you care what the "purists" say? It's none of their business what you want to do. If they don't like it they don't have to open the thread.

    Civilization exists by geological consent, subject to change without notice.
  5. I would say build your slide. It's your dime. If it's your pet project who cares what anyone else think. Go for it. Just because I am a pro glocker doesn't mean I defy the Glock Purist by custom enhancement. I have both purists and enhanced glocks.
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  6. Buy one of the .22lr uppers and make it a .22lr G19.
  7. Sell your completed frame and put that money towards a complete firearm.
  8. If you're looking for an OE replacement, I'd just go with LWD.
  9. Brownells has RMR ready slides for pretty cheap as well.
  10. Check out gunbroker or ebay because they usually have G19 Gen 3 complete uppers.
  11. Guess i should have just bought the whole gun in the first place, but i am a hobbyist and a tinkerer, built everything from harleys to hot rods, and thought it would be fun to "assemble" my own. I really wanted to keep everything factory O.E.M, But due to cost of a factory slide , it is looking like aftermarket is going to be the answer if i don't want to have more invested in the project than new. As i mentioned in the OP , lesson learned. I will stop cryin' now. Thanks to all who replied.
  12. So then... all things said and done...you only "almost" took a loss. :)
  13. That is where I got my complete G26 upper for my G33. Works great - just change ejector - mags.
    Check GB for sure.
  14. This.

    Why worry about what others think? You are the one spending your money, so you get to make the decision as to what you want to do and how you want your pistol set up, not them.

    Honestly, make yourself happy, get what you want. :)
  15. Do you "want" an OEM slide? If you don't care, buy aftermarket. If you'd prefer OEM, set the project aside for a while and wait for better prices on your build.
  16. Since you got the frame for almost nothing you could use it for stippling, undercutting and other contouring practice. I avoid the stripped frames because I worry they started off as a complete firearm, sold as a parts kit on fleabay, ended up as a polymer80 with the slide and barrel tied to your serial number, and with the prices the parts kits are selling for I doubt the people paying that much can pass a background check.
  17. I get it man. I’m a tinkerer myself and always enjoy custom builds. However, I find that it always costs more than I anticipate and I end up spending more than new. Good luck on whatever you end up doing
  18. Hundreds of slides out there...
  19. I was kind of in the same spot. I wanted to build a 17MOS from scratch. Then I started pricing parts and discovered with my GSSF coupon I might as well buy a brand new one.
  20. With the ghost gun poly 80 craze, the cost of slides sometimes exceeds complete glocks.
    Go figure.
  21. Ar15.com ee has or slides all the time
    Tacswap also has them listed all the time
  22. If you don't like the front serrations, there's this one...

    Looks like they come from the same shop.
  23. Who gives a s*** what anyone says purist or otherwise. It's your project and you do as you see fit. I'd grab a slide from Brownells or MidwayUSA and finish the gun. More fun having a complete gun than a Glock frame sitting in a gun safe.

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  24. First one still has cosmetic machining and finish yet to do
    Second one is 80P Builder....not OEM but a nice product
  25. I just put one of P80Builder's slides on a factory frame. Only issue I had was something catches on the locking block when putting it on. Once on though it seems to function fine. Took it out yesterday for the first time and put 50 rounds through it, shoots fine. The only bad thing is I can't use it for a GSSF match. But I don't shoot in matches anyway.
  26. They look good.
    The serrations they use are a fine 1911 style.
    I like the coarser Glock style, so I went with a Suarez and they are also at the 21 degree "grip angle" like the 80P.
    I have a pic of it at the front end of this thread.

    I'd better quit before some Bone-Stocker heads explode.

  27. Yes, 2nd M.P. Company.
  28. Where were you stationed? I lived on Yongsan AG as a dependent (91-01')
  29. Camp Casey, Jul 81-Jul 82 last time I was there, I retired in Aug 1996.
  30. Oh yeah that’s in TDC (Tongducheon) damn way before my time. I’m not sure if you keep up with what goes on in Korea still but Yongsan and everything North of the Han river is closing down and moving to Camp Humphreys. I think everyone in Casey and CRC will be moving there as well. It’s the new USAG for USFK (8th Army, 2ID etc) supposively the biggest base in the World outside of CONUS.
  31. We have 50 percent Bone-Stockers and 50 percent Hotrodders.
    It is your duty (as a GlockTalker) to monkey with the other group.

  32. I did the same thing, bought a bare G19 frame and built it up.

    I used the Swenson slide already linked to from Midway. It has a Dawson FO front sight and a 10-8 rear sight.

    I used an Agency Arms barrel. All the other parts a tree e OEM except for the SS guide rod.

    I just got an Apex trigger kit and a carry magwell in today but haven't installed them yet.

    I've been shooting/modifying Glocks (and a lot of other guns too) since the 90's. Stock to wild, it's great to have the aftermarket support that there is today.


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