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No Second Place Winner

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Last night I ran across my autographed copy of Bill Jordan's "No Second Place Winner". I have to admit that I hadn't picked it up in a number of years...not since I went semi-auto in the early eighties. It seemed outdated as it pertained to revolvers. While I still have a collection of revolvers, they are hunting pieces. However after flipping through the book I realized that Bill's book is timeless in his chapters on Fightin' Leather (if you are like me and still use leather holsters}, Fast Draw, Combat Shooting and Gun Fighting. If you've never heard of Bill Jordan, he was a legendary Border Patrolman and according to Col. Charles Askins
"The fastest man on the draw I have ever seen in action". Using his .357 Bill could drop a ping pong ball bare inches above his holster, draw and blast the ball as it fell past his holster. Long out of print, his book is still is worth looking for and a interesting read.
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"...Well, alibi guns are no longer needed and are a thing of the past, so I am told. But to get to the story that this was all leading up to..." -Bill Jordan, No Second Place Winner, "Chapter 1".

"...where the double action feature is not present, some automatic users attempt to make a more rapid first shot possible by carrying the weapon in the holster cocked, with the thumb safety on. While I am aware that there are other safety devices and that, theoretically at least, this is a safe practice, I have never seen a gun so carried without a momentary feeling that the man had forgotten something!" -Bill Jordan, No Second Place Winner, "Sidearms".

"...Don't use your gun as a club. There are seldom occasions when use of a club is required to subdue a prisoner or to defend yourself. If the situation has gotten that far out of control, use of the gun for the purpose for which it was designed will likely be in order. And, in establishing the 'amount of force which was necessary,' you will probably find it easier to convince a coroner's jury that you didn't shoot him too much than that you didn't hit him too hard..." -Bill Jordan, No Second Place Winner, "Gun Fighting".

No Second Place Winner, full of an seasoned and accomplished gun fighter's experience and wisdom, is a true classic that belongs on your bookshelf.

If you get an opportunity, watch Rock Springs: Deadly Draw in the Wild West, Episode 11 from Season 3 of the A&E series City Confidential. That episode will tell you a little bit about the man who was Bill Jordan.
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37 - Rock Springs: Deadly Draw in the Wild West

Lawman Ed Cantrell, known as "the fastest draw in the West", kills one of his drug agents, Michael Rosa, in an Old West-style shootout in 1978. In court, the jury heard two completely different stories. Prosecutors claimed Cantrell wanted to stop Rosa from testifying about police department corruption, but Cantrell's lawyer Gerry Spence said Rosa attacked his client in a drugged and drunken rage. The jury's decision left Rock Springs' reputation as a wild frontier town intact. Paul Winfield narrates.

One of the more interesting parts of the book is Mr. Jordan's views on stocks for DA revolvers. In particular, his stock design shifts the burden of recoil from the tender web between thumb and forefinger to the much stronger and more resilient palm of the hand. FWIW, I believe Mr. Jordan was correct on this point, too.
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