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No more Mr. Nice guy. That groundhog is too smart for me.

  1. Thanks, that's good to know. I suspect that mine is a female because I have seen a pup. I have seen two different sized and colored groundhogs in my yard earlier in the year.
  2. That Raccoon bent up my cage so bad that it was not working. The groundhog or something got away with the slice of cantaloupe I was using for bait. I used a pair of needle nosed pliers and vise grips to bend the parts back into working order and placed another slice of cantaloupe near the trigger. The trap is again set.
    Score so far:
    Dave = 0
    Raccoon = 0
    Groundhog = 18
  3. OK, I have watched this for 11 pages now and kept my favorite Groundhog story to myself, but no longer.

    My uncle Tony planted a garden behind his house. A very nice garden. When it started producing, guess who showed up for dinner.
    You guessed it, Mr Groundhog.

    Uncle Tony was having his morning coffee and smoke on the back porch when he saw the furry freeloader. Not amused at the critters presence, and wanting to protect his source of produce, Tony stepped inside and grabbed a 410 shotgun, took aim, fired and did little more than pepper some plants and scare away the groundhog.

    The next morning, was a repeat performance with the groundhog once again escaping the blast of pellets, only to return then next day and repeat the process.

    Tony was fed up now and devised his next plan. He set his alarm to get up before sunrise. sat cross legged at the opening of the groundhogs hole with the muzzle of the 410 pointed at the hole.
    Tony sat silently with all the skill and patience of the great white hunter that he thought himself to be, waiting to dispatch the thieving beast.

    As the sun began to peek over the horizon there was stirring from inside the hole, and then head of the groundhog eased into the light. For a very brief time, the groundhog stared at Tony and Tony at the groundhog as he gently squeezed the trigger. CLICK! Forgot to reload!

    Groundhog 4
    Uncle Tony 0
  4. :rofl:
  5. Just quoting myself. :D Thread delivery - complete.
  6. PCIPC.'08.
  7. wally.jpg
  8. upload_2020-7-22_22-4-0.png
  9. The trap is set. Both cantaloupe and a cored apple stuffed with peanut butter are being used as bait. Stay tuned.
  10. Locals use flybait for critters screwing with gardens. They pour it in a tinfoil plate, then add a little beer. Sometimes they expire within a few feet of the plate.
  11. I'll consider it, but that sounds too dangerous to all wildlife to me.
  12. I think your wife is messing with you for cheap entertainment.
  13. I have not seen the groundhog in a week. I think he is still living under my shed and entering the trap because I can see the bite marks it makes in the cantaloupe slices. It also managed to lick out all the peanut butter that I stuffed into an apple with the core removed. Somehow this rascal avoids standing on the treadle as he eats the bait. The lawn service cut my grass today this usually brings him out of his hole so he can enjoy the cut up salad. I'm starting to think he has stopped eating the grass on my lawn and living on the bait that he has trained me to put out for him.
  14. You might want to start saving your receipts, you may be able to claim him as a dependent when you file your 2020 taxes.
  15. After many weeks of failing to catch him in my trap, I saw him standing outside. I slowly opened the bathroom window on the third floor of my house and used my PS-90 to dispatch him. Saga over.
  16. :needspics:
  17. you do know she has babies...

  18. Always works for me , sometimes it takes a few tries .
  19. Did you forewarn the wife of the shot or did you take the shot and scare the hell out of her?
  20. Is the taxidermist just doing a head-mount, or a full body mount?
  21. Yay!!

    Now tell me about your PS90 Dave...which model do you own, and are you using an optic; if so, which?

    I have an early original model with the white ghost ring optic, and may SBR it one of these days to get rid of that goofy barrel shroud and return it to how it's supposed to look - with a 10.4" barrel ;)
  22. I put an EOTECH HOLOGRAPHIC HYBRID SIGHT SYSTEM on it. It has a 3X magnifier that can flip up in front of the sight and it makes a big difference in accuracy for my 81 year old eyes. This sight provides a big round bright green circle with a tiny dot in the middle of the circle. The 3X magnifier flips to the side to give you a wide field of view or snaps into place providing a big advantage. You must take the the time to sight it in, but it holds the sight once you established it. I wish the sight was motion activated and turned on automatically when I moved the weapon but it does not have that feature. You must press a button to turn the sight on. I have shot a few varmints out my windows. It works well. The problem with the PS90 is that the sight is for above the barrel that it must be sighted in for a particular distance.

    I have also shot varmints out my windows with Glock-23 using a milled slide and a Trigicon RMR. There is less of a parallax problem when the sight is very close to the barrel. My most consistently accurate weapon is my 10mm Glock 29 also equipped with an RMR. The trajectory of hot 10mm ammo is so flat that I just put the red dot about a half inch above where I want the bullet to hit, and it does, regardless of the distance. The PS90 being a rifle is easier to hold study.
  23. Full Body in the pressure cooker.
  24. Atta boy Dave. Dave 1 Woodchuck 0
  25. Keep us all posted about the next critter you sentence to death.
  26. Deleted, saw the pressure cooker comment
  27. I know a guy that says he loves to eat them. I don't think I'll ever try them.
  28. and dollar bills for size estimation
  29. Good question. First my wife was on her computer down on the lowest floor in the house. I was two floors above her and the sound of the shot had to pass through three closed doors. There is a police shooting range a few miles up the road from us and we frequently hear them practicing in the distance. Some of the property owners near fire their own weapons. We frequently hear gun fire and have no idea where it came from.

    Later I asked her if she heard me shoot my gun. She answered "I think so."
  30. When I was a young boy it was a regular item on the menu at our house. My father cooked them in the old fashioned Westinghouse Electric Cookers.
  31. Deleted what? I guess I missed it.
  32. I was seconding the full body mount comment, then saw you were going to have it for dinner.
  33. They taste a lot like rabbit. You must be careful when skinning them because they have sent gland under their legs that must be removed without nicking it.
  34. They absolutely love vegetables that you put in hard labor to grow.
    40+ years ago during my youth, I worked on a produce/flower farm. I would carry a .22 Marlin on the tractor with me as the groundhogs got used to the noise therefore allowing me to get close enough for an accurate shot. More than one met its fate due to becoming complacent. Those rodents were everywhere.
    When things were quiet work wise for a few days I'd sit up in the barn with a bolt action .222 Remington.
    My dog would spend an entire afternoon trying to dig one out....literally had to pull him away after several hours.....hated those things he did!
  35. LOL. I have a good buddy who is a farmer and hates them as much as your dog. The farmer sets some kind of special trap and he tells me that last week he killed 12 in one day!
  36. Can you find out what kind of trap he has and let us know. I have a live trap, but like you, it isn't very efficient. They love my barns and really makes a mess.
  37. I'll get the name of his trap the next time I talk to him. I wanted to invite over for dinner soon anyway. He works long days this time of year, often does not return to the house until after dark. He tells me that the trap goes over the hole and is set with some kind of tool.
  38. I found a photo of the weapon as it originally arrived. It was a gift from my son. I replaced the sight that came with it. It still fits in the violin case. It also has a small hole in the sight adapter that can be sighted through, but it's difficult to use. PS90.jpg
  39. I'll bet the trap your buddy used was a conibear.
  40. I SUSPECT THAT YOU ARE CORRECT. I messaged him on my smart phone and will let you know what he says. He did say that it comes with a tool to set it, and these come with such a tool.
  41. You are correct! He texted me back an said it was a "Conibear" trap. He must have a lot of them!
  42. They work Dave,even under water.'08.
  43. Do Conibear traps come in different sizes? What size would you want to buy for a groundhog?

    They would probably work well in locations out away from my barn, and I'll probably buy one for those locations. However I have a barn cat.

    This cat absolutely refuses to live in our house. But she loves my barn where I store hay. I feed her some food daily, but she's the best mouser I've ever had. Almost no cut square bale hay strings, since I got her.

    I'd sure hate to see her killed with one of those traps. And of course the most severe groundhog problem is around the barn. Just my luck.
  44. I briefly considered a conibear for my groundhog problem years ago, but I was afraid of a cat...or a skunk walking through it. Like almost any trap it is indiscriminate, and there's no releasing an animal from one.
  45. Dead skunk wouldn't bother me. Dead cat would.

    She's as friendly a cat as you've ever seen, and very pretty also. She's what is known as a 'Tuxedo' cat.

    She would claw you to death if you tried to take her into a house. But in the barn when I go to feed her, she's rubbing around my legs and loves to be petted. I think she has the softest fur of any cat I've ever had.

    My neighbor brought her home as a rescue cat a few years ago for his kids. But she absolutely would not stay in the house. She came over to my barn, where she's been ever since. I called the neighbor and he said I could have her. He had gotten another rescue cat for his kids.
  46. I'd never heard of this kind of trap. Did some reading and found they are illegal here in Cal with a very few exceptions. The smallest is 6x6 inches.
  47. ^^^ Figures. Just about everything good is illegal in CA.
  48. Dave,
    You need to get down to PA fast.
    I need help with a herd of giant squirrels trying to take over the neighborhood. Need your rodent expertise.
    Here’s the first one we got....... it was a real battle.

  49. I'm already here in PA. Got my trusty 10mm at the ready.