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No more Mr. Nice guy. That groundhog is too smart for me.

  1. Maybe I should lone you my rat terrier. She got another rat for me last night in the chicken coop.
  2. He's out killing all the golfers like he was told.
  3. LOL. You and my wife are both rooting for the groundhog!
  4. Ha-Ha...maybe you are a prophet. Maybe @davethehiker was taking pot shots at the groundhog??


    Wisconsin man accidentally shoots golfer, 80, after aiming for woodchuck, police say
    Police said the bullet ricocheted off some trees before striking the golfer

    A Wisconsin man accidentally shot an 80-year-old golfer on Monday while aiming at woodchuck on his property, authorities said.

    Police said it appeared the 50-year-old man from Lomira was trying to shoot the rodent on his property when it ricocheted off some trees before striking the golfer.
  5. This could happen to me if if I'm not mindful of how I aim. I have a driving range on the other side of road from my property. The bullet would need to wind it's way through a dense forest of trees but it could happen. Also I need to be careful the I don't shoot my whole house back-up generator that's near where I frequently see the little bastard.
  6. Last night before I went to bed I decided to check my trap to see if there was anything in it. I shined a bright flashlight out a window into the darkness to see if there was anything in my trap. I could not find the trap but I saw to eyes reflecting light in the darkness. From the placement of the two eyes, I think it was a raccoon. The eyes were under an apple tree, not where I placed my trap. This morning I checked my trap. The trap door was closed and the entire trap had been moved 15 feet to under my apple tree, where I saw the eyes. It occurred to me that if I could convince my wife to shine that flash light for me I could place a round between those glowing eyes, using the holographic sight on my PS90. (Or the red dot on my 10mm.)
  7. A couple of these will anchor down the trap. You gotta' do that or the racoons will just move it around.
  8. I went to Walmart today to buy some big plastic jugs that I filled water and placed on the sink, to hold me over until my water line is repaired. While there I spotted the exact plastic steaks that you sent me a photo of. I bought four of them.
  9. What kind of stupid laws does Nebraska have? What's wrong with shooting them? Either with or without the use of a trap.
  10. After a few hours, racoons will be as timid as a squirrel in that scary cage. Don't freak out if he climbs up you and jumps on the way out. Most likely, he'll be too scared to even leave the trap when you open it. Leave it open and walk away. With the spring loaded traps, I have to shake the animal out half the time.

    I release all my critters near bernie stickers.
  11. about 5 years ago I got one of the little terrorists in a have a hart trap in the late afternoon. I had a long day, so I figured I’d take care of him in the morning. Next dat I got up and went out, the trap was gone. I couldn’t find it anywhere. 2 years later I found the trap about 300 yards out in the woods. It was just ripped apart. Only thing I can think was a bear found it and had a happy meal to go.
  12. When I was married and living in the country, we had a raccoon problem. My husband got a live trap and the first one he caught he drove off about 5 miles and released it. I couldn't believe it and told him he should have shot it. He quickly realized we had more than one, so he started keeping the trap set and took to shooting them at that point. When we got to raccoon #32, we just stopped counting. The trap was checked every morning, but more than once the trapped raccoons bent the thing all up so badly trying to get out that it had to be straightened to make it work properly once again The amount of strength they have is incredible. They can also be extremely vicious as well as smart and cunning.
  13. I used to take them down to the river and let them go until I found out there is a whopping big fine for relocating animals or fish in Cal. All you can legally do is kill them or release them from the trap.
  14. I never knew there could be a fine associated with that

    Whats the reason?
  15. At least California will let you kill them.

    Last year I saw something I'd never seen before. I've seen the occasional raccoon around the farm, but I was pasture clipping about 8 acres with my tractor using a 6 foot brush cutter.

    I had been going around and around for a while and had a clear zone about 50 feet wide between the woods and the unclipped pasture. I saw something moving in the weeds, I thought it was an armadillo.

    To my surprise about 8 or more raccoons came running out of the weeds and headed for the fence and into the woods. The next trip around,here came two more headed the same way, like don't leave me.

    The raccoons looked young but full grown. I don't think it was a mama and her babies. Never seen that many in the daytime in a group before.
  16. I'm not positive the reason, but would think one reason is to prevent the spread of disease. Also people dumping domestic animals out in the wilds play hell with native wildlife. Also some folks decide their favorite fishing spot should have their favorite species and manage to dump say crappie into a pristine trout fishery.
    I've read the fine list for all wildlife violations. Goldfish in lakes or streams? Max fine $30,000.
  17. Predator.'08.
  18. I got a lot of good suggestions on how to trap the groundhog from GT. Thank you. I decided to try moving the trap to where I know they go under the shed. I drove stakes into the ground to secure the trap to the ground. I wired up the doors on both ends. I covered the sides and top with lumber to make it more tunnel like. I just placed a slice of water melon on both ends. I hope to condition the grounds to think the trap is a safe place to get free meals. After they start eating the bait I'll reset the trap door.
  19. upload_2020-7-11_17-0-24.png
  20. @Inyo Tim, you know that's an otter, right?
  21. I figured close enough. We ain't got otters or groundhogs here so I'm not real familiar with what they look like. Thought it might not be a groundhog.
  22. I paced a generous slice of watermelon on both ends of the trap with both end wired open. Last night the ground took the one next to his hole but did not touch the one on the other end. He took it rind and all.

    I'm still conditioning him. Patience.
  23. Betcha' there is a raccoon out there that was grateful for that watermelon.
  24. Could be? It happened over night.

    Where do you manage to find such funny, and appropriate photos?!
  25. I whacked a woodchuck in the face with a baseball hat while in my pajamas once. My dad finished him off with a shovel. I'm pretty sure I relayed the story here in another thread a few years ago.
  26. I've got him well trained....and he likes watermelon.
  27. First I put a slice of watermelon on each end of the trap. They ate both of them. Just now I placed watermelon, lettuce, and an apple deeper inside the cage.

    I'm not sure if I'm training them, or if they are training me?!
  28. One thing about it. The critters now know where to come for a good meal.
  29. I once shot an elephant in my pajamas...how he got into my pajamas I shall never know!
  30. I spotting the groundhog examining the bait a little while ago. I have a length of heavy wire running from one door to the other so the can not snap shut. I shoved a twig under the treadle trap trip so in does not work. It's almost like I know what the groundhog is thinking when it studies the food within the trap. "This is too good to be true. I'm not going to enter that thing." The animal spotted me and ran for cover.
  31. We just had a funny possum experience last night. Little tiny guy has been coming around lately sans Mom.

    We have one of those metal stake feeders with hooks. One side is for the orioles, the other for the hummers. This little guy shimmies up the pole, eats all the grape jelly, hangs upside down after grabbing the orange and chows down until he falls off. Cute little bugger and one of the better critters to have around actually.

    Hummers have been absent this year but the Orioles are not happy with this latest development.
  32. What ever is taking the food out of the cage (I think it's the groundhog because I have seen him looking at the food.) has been conditioned to now enter the middle of the cage/trap to reach the food. It's time to re-set the trap. The food was gone this morning.

    I just got a message from the water company that a repair man will arrive in about a half an hour to repair the underground leak in my water line. Boy, am I looking forward to have running water in the house!
  33. Probably find out that the water line has been chewed up by a ground hog.....
  34. Use broccoli in the trap. They will change the times they come out after you miss them. Don't miss!

    Wire the broccoli to the bottom of the trap.

    Once caught you could put the trap in a burlap bag and attach the exhaust of the vehicle to the bag. Less likely to mess up the trap that way.

    The trap looks a little small for a big groundhog.
  35. Dan the snake man used to be my nickname.
    View: https://youtu.be/1WFUSlXfBKg
  36. Remind me not to piss you off at night, or early in the morning!
  37. That's my buddy Dan. One of the nicest guys you will ever know.
    We were chatting in my yard last nite. A big snake just about took his index finger off yesterday morning while feeding it a rat.
    He said it was 8 ft. long. I think he lied because my wife was there. More like 12 ft.
  38. After conditioning the ground hog with free water melon, and apple chunks with both sides of the trap wired open for three days. I have set the trap. One door is closed. The other side is the spring loaded trap door. There is a salad bar inside the trap, consisting of apple, cantaloupe, and broccoli.

    Now we wait.......
  39. It sounds like the groundhog might be doing the conditioning, lol. I'm sorry, I had to say it!
  40. I got tired of the live trap not working.

    Lead was effective x2.

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  41. Well, you are feeding him a low fat low cholesterol diet.
    ‘course you might want to include a one-a-day vitamin just to be on the safe side.

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  42. The trap finally caught something! It's 6:15 am and I woke up and looked at the trap. It's a small raccoon. Darn it! It looks sad and pitiful in that trap. I do not want to risk getting bitten by reaching in that trap to open the door. I gonna have to shot it within the trap. Then dump the body deep in the woods. I think that's safer for me. :(

    I have already shot too many raccoons. Raccoons are normally not a problem to me.

    If I still want to catch that groundhog I think I'm gonna need to only set the trap during the day when the groundhogs are active.
  43. I’ve killed my fair share of pest but let him live if he’s not a problem. Take the time to make something to let him go safely.
  44. Sorry, the deed is done. I not could think of a way to safely let him free. I held the barrel of my PS90 up to that vertical stripe between his eyes and pulled the trigger. There was a lot of kicking and trashing but after a minute all motion had stopped. I'd like to think that it did not suffer but I'm not convinced.

    If I thought this thru better maybe I could have tied strings to the door beforehand that could have unlatched it remotely. It panicked when it saw me. I wanted this to end as quickly as possible. Now I need to carry the cage and coon deep into the woods and weeds and dump the body. :(
  45. Why use a live trap if you are gonna' kill everything that gets in it?

    I've caught and relocated a bunch of racoons and never had a problem.
  46. You make a good point. How did you manage to get the trap door open without risking your hand and arm to danger? I don't think it's legal to dump live raccoons of public or others private property.
  47. Next time, tie a string to the trap door.
  48. Murderer
  49. This is like reading a Jeffrey Dahmer series......