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No more Mr. Nice guy. That groundhog is too smart for me.

  1. I just placed about quarter of a very ripe cantaloupe in the back of the cage. I put a half of a Granny Smith apple next to that. I poked a hole in the apple half and ran a wire tie through the apple securing it to the side of the cage. I ran a long thin stick into the top of the cage penetrating the cantaloupe and into ground under the cage. What ever enters that tarp will need to work a bit to abscond with the meal.

    There are a few hours of daylight left and the groundhog is active running about my yard. When it gets dark I'll go out and trip the trap so the door slams shut keeping the raccoon from reaching the bait.

  2. Belt loop, bump fire

    Seriously, leg hold trap and tomorow. 22. Then to the roasting pan.
  3. How Epstein should have killed himself
  4. That squirrel is begging you to shoot him...
  5. Don't set the trap on hair trigger. If the trap isn't totally stable, it will spring prematurely and the door will whack him in the head before his body is fully in the trap and away he will go. You will never get him near the trap again.
    Ask me how I know...
  6. The cantaloupe and apple are still in the cage trap this morning. I closed the trap door so the raccoon could not reach the bait last night. I went out and reset the trap just now. Big black aunts have discovered the ripe cantaloupe and are eating it.

    I'm waiting for the groundhog to enter the trap.
  7. I attached a metal flex dryer hose to my tractor exaust for 5 minutes and got them all. A lot safer than chlorine gas.
  8. I'm sure your way is safer. My method of producing Chlorine gas also produces Hydrogen gas that is dangerous if it comes in contact with spark of flame. I wish I could easily reach the entrance their hole.
  9. Good one Dave. greensupergrin.gif
  10. Whoops that was a typo.... I meant to say that "Big black ants are eating the cantaloupe that I put out for the groundhogs." Big black aunts eating cantaloupe is a completely different thing! Sorry.:hippie:
  11. I used to have a Golden Retriever with a very soft bite who could carry anything without any damage - however she hated groundhogs with a passion. If one came near she would kill it instantly... I'd loan her to you but she passed away. Sorry.
  12. I had my best luck with the core of lettuce. I hang it inside the trap past the treadle and then sprinkle some lettuce on the ground and into the trap.

    I've probably caught 5 'chucks so far and 3 rabbits. More have died of lead poisoning. All my neighbors either shoot when I don't or cheer me on when I shoot.

    I had one rabbit I wounded and started chasing across the yard. My neighbor was on a second story deck hollering "Git 'em Russ, git 'em".

    We all laughed our ass off. He crawled under an out building and that's the last I saw of him.

    As an aside, the building he crawled under is owned by a friend who has a bunch of LARGE pythons and Boas as well as quite a few venomous snakes. I believe they have had their venom removed. Rattlesnakes, a Gaboon viper and other assorted snakes I am unsure about.

    Dan the Snakeman. You will be hearing his name soon as a household name. He's going Youtube.
  13. Mr. Smarty Pants groundhog is totally ignoring my baited trap. I just poured a can of beer into the grass and into the trap and along a line leading to the entrance of the trap the to the gap under the shed where the groundhog comes and goes. How can he resist?

    I also added some lettuce leaves leading into the trap. I have a raspberry bush that's yielding more beautiful red berries than I can eat, so I placed some berries on the lettuce. There is a cornucopia of a salad bar leading into the trap. I look out the window and check periodically. I get the feeling that he is laughing at me.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Patience has never been one of my virtues. My son laughs and tells me, "Ya know know Dad, that Impatience is it's own punishment."
  16. Must be wearing your Elmer Fudd hat incorrectly
  17. Have you tried an old rail car trap like in the Ghost and the Darkness? It didn't work for lion but might work for 'chucks
  18. Pour the beer in a bowl and see if you can get him drunk.
  19. When I was a kid I had a pet groundhog. Actually it was more my dad's pet and he told people it was my pet. I hated the dam thing because it gave me a nasty bite once on the web of flesh behind my Achilles tendon. No lasting damage to my foot was done. I learned that groundhogs love beer and will drink them self drunk. The good news is that they do NOT sing when they are drunk. They simply go to sleep.

    They are enthusiastic beer drinkers! BTW, my dad liked to carry the groundhog hidden in his leather jacket. He would sit at the bar and order "two beers, one for me and one for my buddy." For those of you old enough to remember, when canned beer first came out, the beer cans had a cap on them just like caps on bottles. My dad would place the animal on the bar and feed him the beer directly from the open can. The thing would stand on the bar on it's hind legs holding the beer can with it's front paws and drink beer until it fell sound asleep.

    I could tell you many more stories about that groundhog, but I'll spare you. :fred:

  20. OMG, he is standing on his hind legs ten feet from the trap studying the trap deciding what to do. Stay tuned.
  21. Choot 'em!!!!
  22. No No! I know if I crack a window open or step outside with my weapon he will hear me, dive under shed and be gone for the rest of the day.

    Patience Grasshopper.
  23. Shoot him you pansy!

  24. The window should've already been opened and the rifle placed in the window.. Planning and patience is the key.
    If all else fails firebomb the shed and shoot any groundhogs that make it out alive. Scorched earth is a perfectly valid response to a groundhog invasion
  25. Set yerself up in a blind cooler of iced drinks, something to read, rifle cocked n locked, camera on call.
  26. I think I blew it. I looked out the windows and could not see the groundhog. I put on my ear protection grabbed my PS90 turned on my holographic sight zeroed in for the correct distance. I slowly opened the front door and walked barefoot so I would not make noise. I spotted him standing perfectly still near the corner of my house. I started to lower the weapon to point at him. He ran under the shed and disappeared. I never even saw him in my weapons sight.

    The bait is untouched, even the lettuce leading to the traps door is untouched. I hope he caves in to the temptation of all that food and comes out from under the shed.
  27. Well, your mistake is obvious now: You're using an ANT TRAP (with much success apparently)

  28. What could go wrong?
  29. It's 6:15 in the morning now. I can see the trap is still set and nothing has taken the bait.

    I have two things going on today:
    1) I'm still waiting for that groundhog to wake up and go for the bait in the trap.
    2) I'm waiting for the people from the water company to arrive and locate the leak in my very long water line leading from the water meter to my house. I have turned off the water at the meter. I have two cases of bottled water that I use until my water line is repaired. What's next, a pandemic?!?!
  30. Sighted in 17 HMR? The 204 in reserve?
  31. Something tripped the trigger on my trap. The bait was not taken there was no animal in the trap. This groundhog is to smart for me. I just hope he does not decide to start charging me rent.
  32. The advice to carpet bomb the shed is looking more and more valid at this point.
  33. https://www.batguys.com/articles/trapping_woodchucks.html

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  34. Oh the epic battle of man vs. nature!:animlol::animlol::animlol::animlol::animlol::animlol::animlol::animlol::animlol::animlol::animlol::animlol::animlol::animlol:
  35. The research I did for trapping was melons and cantaloupes. Works well for me.
  36. I put a game cam on a live trap one day. Animals that are used to using their paws - cats and raccoons mostly - will try to reach in from the side and spring the trap. This is one reason why you don't set the trigger too light. Put the trap out of the way, cover it so there is no access from the sides, and you'll catch something... Might be a 'coon, might be a skunk, might be the woodchuck, but these traps do work. Just be prepared to deal with whatever you caught.
  37. Got me a chipmunk yesterday with the peanut butter baited "Jaws of Death".
    Alvin ain't running around my yard anymore.
    I saw him on the third, let him have the fourth, got him on the fifth.
  38. Told ya. :p

  39. I've had raccoons just roll the trap over and spill the dry cat food bait. Then eat the cat food off the ground.
  40. Did he drink all of yer beer?

  41. [​IMG]
  42. [​IMG]
  43. Charge YOU rent? He's living in your head, rent free! You should start charging him!
  44. Dave, I needed a good laugh today thanks
  45. I've trapped a lot of critters; feral cats, raccoons, possums, skunks (by accident). The one bait you don't seem to have tried is...salt. Cut an apple in quarters and bait the trap. Then run a fairly thick line of Morton salt from under your shed to the trap and put the trap just a few feet from the shed. Guaranteed to work.

    My aunt had a family of chucks raiding her garden. I baited a hav-a-hart as above and caught the momma and 2 babies all at once. Reset and got the other 2 babies in the time it took me to drive the mile back to my house.
  46. Then into the smoker for ?? hours.... (better than Road Kill )
  47. Sorry Dave, but I'm rooting for the groundhog!
  48. I have smoked many a roast that did not come from the grocery store...