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No more Mr. Nice guy. That groundhog is too smart for me.

  1. I must have just missed him the last I shot at him. Now he seems to know that I'm gunning for him. If he just gets a glimpse of me he takes off running. The animal trap I ordered arrived today. I baited it with a ripe banana. I'm not sure if ground hogs like bananas. Maybe I'll catch a monkey?
  2. Where's Carl Spackler when you need him?
  3. Now we know why you have a water leak

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  5. They like soybeans, corn, and lettuce.
  6. A dollar bill couldn’t hurt. It’d catch me.
  7. Ha-Ha....Best one I've seen in a loooong time!
  8. Are you using the 10mm?
  9. apples, they like apples. My friend put a big pile by the hole and I waited 25 yards away with my Ruger Mark ll pistol on a prop stick.
    Hog was like, bite the apple, head up look around. Bite the apple, head up, look around. Bite the apple, head up, pow.
    Head shot.
  10. He will break out the SAW..
  11. I heard angry whistle pigs chew on water lines too!!!
  12. Varmint Cong.

  13. Keep posted on your progress Dave. I was just fixin to go after a couple that took over the MIL's shed. Haven't seen them in about 5 days. Think a neighbor may have resolved the issue.
    Had a client tell me you need to bake them then bread and fry them. Takes the gameyness out of them. I'm pretty adventurous but after looking at a couple of videos I had decided that I'd take his word for it.
  14. Authorized by the UN.
  15. Good luck. Shot 3 one day, 2 more next days.
    Raccoons 5 then 3, couple. But still fat sucker walking down road like he owns it.
  16. Ground hogs will eat just about vegetable that you like or anything that's salad. One tip they are very smart.

    I'd almost bet that if you just laid the banana in there on or behind the trigger, he'll get it without springing the trap. My tip; wire or tie the bait to the trigger or behind the trigger, so he has to work at it to get it.

    That most likely will spring the trap. Apples work good also. Halve or quarter the apple and put in a loose piece or two, but tie a piece or two on or behind the trigger.

    Good luck.
  17. It ain't a gopher Noonan.

    A few whacks with Billy Baroo should do it for either one though.
  18. Darn! I just checked my new trap. The over ripe banana I put in the cage is gone. The trap door was not tripped I have no idea how it managed to get that banana out of the cage without getting trapped. My wife is laughing at me. I think she is on the groundhogs side. :dunno:
  19. I had one years ago chew through a basement window casing and get in the house. He escaped the house and the hunt was on. I tried guns, poison, beer, etc.. I had a heck of a time catching him. The dog would go nuts and the chase was on. This would be a daily and nightly routine. Did the live trap thing with bait and got sick of resetting it, the last time it escaped without tripping the trap and the bait too was gone. I just left the trap sit empty on the porch. A week later the dog is going nuts and low and behold, I go out on the front porch and I had him in the trap. My next idea was that it was going to suffer a long and painful death of dehydration, starvation, and some form of electrical voltage treatments.
    I then started getting sympathetic and in a moment of weakness I decided to add misery to some innocent unsuspecting citizen. Threw the trap in the truck and headed a few miles away. Someone else was going to learn that life isn't always rainbows and cupcakes. I learned a sense of accomplishment and I hope the next person was able gain this fulfillment as well.
  20. Okay, now I know he likes ripe bananas. I put my last very ripe banana in the the trap. I set the trip on the cage door to have a hair trigger. My wife is still laughing at me and calls me the great white hunter.

    In this photo you can see the trap and the space under my shed that the groundhogs crawl under to make their nest. You can also see my generator and the banana I have baited the trap with.
    This is the view from the other side. The groundhog must step on the plate on the floor of the cage to trip the trap door. You can see the banana on the far side of the plate. The trip trigger is set to feather lite.

    If I do trap it, I plan to dispatch it with my PS 90 and try to place the round through the little open squares in the cage so I don't damage the cage. I'll carry the cage down to my shooting range to do the nasty deed.
  21. Thanks for the piece of banana, I enjoyed it. Next time, could you put a dollop of peanut butter on it?
  22. Tie the bait down.
  23. Thanks. I'll do that. I really have no idea who stole the bait. It might have been the groundhog or a raccoon? I know the banana was there last night but gone in the morning. I don't know if groundhog are active at night. I think they sleep at night. I know raccoons are more active at night.
  24. ^^^ See my post 16. Raccoons are also very smart.
  25. Dave, I think you have the wrong trap.
    The one that works best has open doors on both ends when set.

    And that's not all...
    You want to place the trap in one of their natural runways, not out in the open.
    (Although he may die laughing when he eyeballs your setup)
    Then you carefully cover it with brush, etc so it looks like a normal "tunnel" through the brush.

    There is another more deadly type of trap that I'll not mention at this time.
    (You'll be killing the neighbor's cats and any else that wanders into it)
    Let's see if the live trap works.
  26. if you catch a monkey spank it real hard.!!!
  27. [​IMG]
  28. Dave, you might try a punji pit.
  29. I just tied the banana down. Hopefully that will help and I'll find out who is the banana thief.
  30. The Banana Thief
  31. Have you accounted for your wife's whereabouts throughout the night?
  32. Wait a minute; I have not thought this through! What if I trap a raccoon?! I do not particularly want to kill a raccoon but if I do trap one, it will dangerous to release it alive. I do not want to get my hands near a live trapped animal. It's a bit tricky opening the door(s) on these traps without sticking a hand/finger into that cage. That's safe with a dead animal but not an angry live one.
  33. Dave, I learned a hard lesson when trying to trap a raccoon with a Have-a-heart. A skunk can spray right out of the trap. If you get a skunk, approach the trap holding a sheet or blanket in front of you so the skunk can't see you. Drop the sheet over the trap a reach around and open and latch the door. Then back away quick.
  34. Wood chucks don’t care for bananas. The raccoon took your banana.

    Set it during the day with apples or melon.
  35. Daytime you'll probably just get the groundhog. Raccoons are normally nocturnal animals. Although I have seen then in the day on occasion.

    Close the door at night.

    I did catch a skunk one time. I held a blanket in front of me, and placed it gently over the cage. Then carried it out to where I wanted to release it. I had a wire hook. Stood over and behind the cage door, with the blanket still over all of the trap, but the door.

    Gently hooked the door with the wire, quickly pushed down on the release lever, lifted the door up, and bent the wire over so it held the door open. Then quickly backed away.

    I would have a handgun on me when doing that, just in case.
  36. Why, just load an extra mag of 10MM!!!
  37. Better be a good shot on a moving target with a rifle (especially an air gun). I'd use a 12 gage. And I have shot moving targets with both handgun and rifle. Those groundhogs or raccoons can really scoot along. You'll only get one shot.
  38. I had no luck with a trap for a long time, even used cantaloupe, which is supposed to be the ultimate bait. I had the trap (coyote trap, which is what I have to use for trash pandas too) just sitting there, set, with nothing in it for bait...................caught my first GH...................set it up again, caught another one, with nothing in it again.
    It doesn't have to make sense.
  39. After butchering, soak the meat overnight in the fridge in milk inside a ziplock bag. That works for removing the gamey flavor. Rinse well before cooking.
  40. [​IMG]
  41. That title cracked me up.
  42. This thread is epic.

  43. If you can locate his hole drop a road flare in the hole and cover.
  44. I thought it could not get better than mole or chipmunk stories, but this is pretty good.

    Following for the inevitable comedy gold to come. :D
  45. Why especially an air gun? My $100 air rifle puts out .22 caliber lightweight pellets at around 950 FPS. It easily stops woodchucks, raccoons, squirrels, or what ever target I am pointing it at. Practice, practice, practice, and with an air rifle the rifle, or pistol and the projectiles are really inexpensive, comparatively.

  46. I get no respect! I just made a run to the store and bought a cantaloupe and two apples. My wife accompanied me on the trip. On the way back home, as I reached the top of my driveway, the little fat groundhog crossed in front of my car with that quick comic waddle they have. My wife shouted at the groundhog, "Run groundhog run!" She must think he is Forrest Gump.
  47. Obviously, he's got someone on the inside. And I think you know who it is.
  48. If I were skinny enough I could crawl through the gap under the shed and find their hole. I'm not that skinny, but if I could reach the hole, I know how to manufacture Chlorine gas in the form of a heavy green foam the penetrates down into his nest and kills EVERYTHING! I did wipe out a nest next to my home that way a few years ago. They are back. It's a never ending battle.
  49. If it's a male ground hog you could try this tactic efjl8is7web11.jpg