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The word in my area for gun dealers Glock is no longer making gen 3's. Looked all over finally found a new G19 gen 3. Picked it up today that will give me two of them. I am pushing 70 they should last me my life
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California is a great place to visit any time of year for sunshine and brand new Gen3 Glocks.

Californians have voted that Gen3 Glocks are the only safe Glocks, and that anything after Gen3 is dangerous. Gen4, 5 or any other future Generation are prohibited, in most cases.

In their mesmerizing wisdom, they have determined however, that post-Gen3 Glocks are only safe for:

- Law Enforcement
- Out of State Immigrants moving into the State (you are welcome to bring your G4, or 5)
- Anyone who buys it at a used gun (from Law Enforcement or Immigrants)

Glock has observed that there is still great demand for brand-new Gen3 Glocks from California's dignified citizens.

Therefore, they will continue to produce Gen3's for Californians because there are a lot of them.

Come visit the sunshine State if you would like a brand new Gen3 Glock.* It will be available here for a long time.

* (1) Only Gen3 Glocks made in Austria are safe in California. The voters have determined that Gen3 Glocks that are made in the USA are not safe for regular people. They are safe however, for Law Enforcement, Immigrants and the used market.

(2) Californians have also determined that the G30S (which only comes in Gen3) is not safe in California, no matter where it's made (Austria or USA). Therefore, it is not allowed. But you can buy a G36 slide and mate it with a G30 frame to create a Frankenstein G30S. This is considered safe.
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