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No MEDIA coverage ?

  1. It doesn't fit the left's narrative, so we'll probably never hear about it.
  2. Remember the raid in Yemen... SEAL's said that bad guys knew that they were coming... hmmmm?
  3. Nothing surprises me anymore... And to think some here still believe armed conflict is avoidable...
  4. Worked mostly for dems.
  5. Stewart Varney and Maria Bartiromo reported it on Fox News.
  6. The democrats knew there was a leak, and by who, but didn't want the knowledge to get out that it was their Muslim IT crew (bad publicity for the #1 protected class). So they hoped it wouldn't lead to anything, but, well, Yemen happened.
  7. Remember when the old president called them "dash"? Is there anybody that doesn't think he's a muslim/muslim sympathizer?
  8. that would be counter productive to the MSM agenda
  9. Daesh is a derogatory term for ISIS/ISIL that delegitimizes them as a state. It's a way to refer to them without calling them a legitimate state. They hate the name and have threaten to cut the tongues out of those who say it.

    It translates to " to trample down and crush" or " a bigot".

    Should have tipped your research guy a little more..
  10. I was about to say that. That is the one term that takes away their title as being a defacto government state.
  11. There are still a lot of bad seeds in DC. Trump needs to continue to drain the swamp or the bad seeds are going to cause a lot of trouble.
  12. My "friends", from the "losers" are NEVER going to get behind Trump....he could cure cancer, solve every problem there is in the world and give everyone a million dollars...they'd still rather have voted in the POS ( the other candidate....UGH)