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Nice, what kind of paint and technique did you use?
Not my handiwork, it was done by a friend. He used cerakote - a brand of ceramic coatings used for firearms, exhaust and high wear applications. Think of it as a modern and improved version of durakote or gunkote.

Originally the gun was basecoated in sniper grey and the skulls were done in a graphite black. This created about 300 skulls on the gun, kinda cool but in a "busy" way. The sling attachment was an afterthought and did not get painted to match.

Being out here in the desert I figured it would be better to go with a desert sand color (5 months after the fact). So we decided to cover 90% of the skulls and tape over a couple places that were the old skulls would remain visible. The final version appears as if skulls are behind the tears in the gun. And this time the single point sling attachment was already on the gun and got painted.

Spray on the paint then two hours in a 200F degree oven and the coating is cured. I was a bit concerned about the speedfeed stock in the oven but it was a non issue.
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