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No Live PD tonight!

  1. It looks like A&E is pandering to the animals. They have pulled live pd tonight as to not offend the rioters by showing the scum police have to deal with daily.
  2. Watters on The Five tonight was recommending everyone DVR Live PD this weekend, guess the news broke after The Five aired.

    No more new eps of COPS either. That show might never come back and be done now though.
  3. A & E. Covering their ass while cops bust theirs. A let down, but not surprising.
  4. If the idiots know they're going to be on camera, do you want your force to be vulnerable to a flash mob trying to make a statement, or would you take a pause?
  5. It probably never will come back. Unless Biden wins, then the Democrats will sweep BLM under the rug after passing a few laws.
  6. It's the #1 cable show. What do Dems love more than virtue signaling? Money. And this makes tons of it.

    It will be interesting when it does come back how they will coddle and kowtow to the angry twitter mob.
  7. It really hasn’t been live since the whole COVID BS started.

    Apparently, LEOs are great for entertainment value until criminals get offended.

    If the network gave a damn about cops, they would know that airing the show live may actually show some folks the Herculean job LEOs are doing and maybe change a few warped minds.
  8. Rewriting the scrips to have only crackas as perps.